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RedsArmyAdmin May 18, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Today’s Crew

Your officiating crew this afternoon… since it seems to matter.  Click on the name for the gambling stats of game in which they've officiated.  Click on the photo for their National Basketball Referees Association bio

Bennett Salvatore:

bennett salvatore and doc rivers

Ken Mauer:

ken mauer

Eddie F. Rush:

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  • bigmck

    I hate Ken Mauer for this reason. Never trust guys with slick hair.

  • fiveyearplan

    It shocks me how much blame you guys have placed on the refs for the C’s Game 6 abomination. I feel like having three useless starters and getting outrebounded by a zillion were probably more significant in a game in which they scored a whopping 69 points. But that’s just me.

  • papairish

    Eddie f Rush took part in game 3 of the spurs vs suns series, also known as one of the worst refed games in the history of professional sports.

  • I think we’ve acknowledged in many different spots on this site that getting out-rebounded was what lost us the game….. but again… the referees killed our chances at a comeback.
    So my stance is consistent with the same stance I’ve had on these matters for my whole life: You should never be in a position to blame the refs.
    But with that said… I think the horrid officiating is a story line.