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Bring on Detroit!

RedsArmyAdmin May 18, 2008 Uncategorized 17 Comments on Bring on Detroit!

It wasn't easy, but the Celtics are now 4 wins away from the Finals. Hail to the Truth (41 pts, 4-6 3FG)  who single-handedly lead the Celtics to victory over Cleveland…97-92. Props to PJ Brown for two huge buckets in the final 3 minutes. As the playoffs approached, we were constantly reminded about LeBron's epic performance against the Pistons in last year's Eastern Conference Finals and warned about his ability to take over games and/or a series. I guess the big difference between last year's Pistons and this year's Celtics is Paul Freakin' Pierce. Nice try LeBron….maybe next year you can live up to the hype.

Box Score | Recap

''The ghost of Red just looking over us,'' Pierce said when asked about his free throw with 8 seconds left. ''I think he kind of tapped it in the right direction. It sort of put a smile on my face.''

''Today it was basically get the ball to Paul Pierce and get the hell out of the way,'' Kevin Garnett said.

Here are some great pics from the game:

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Lead the whole game, got the win-nuff said…OH YEAH, na na na nah, na na na nah, hey hey hey, FUCK YOU CAVS IN 6! And don’t start talking about Detroit, your team is GONE, and your opinions are wrong anyway.
    Great game Paul!

  • Faizan

    I’d like to ask…where is SacKing??

  • inferno

    Great game guys…finally a watchable contest…LeBron had a great game as I figured he would, but he made two critical errors down the stretch…Nice to see a “real” Celtic win it in the “Garden”, not one of the hired guns…
    And by the way Chuck… nice of you to use my previous Few Good Men allusion as a tease …Do I get paid by the idea or the word?
    Now the Detroit series should go 7, but…I honestly love your match-ups…except at point if Billups is healthy…
    Good luck
    Your friendly neighborhood Lakerman


    Detroit in 6. They dont take bitches like you easy. Rasheed aint afraid of you “cats”

  • Brian

    LeBron took his crappy team to a 7th game against a 66-win team. He scored 45 points and led his team in assists in the 7th game. How is that not living up to the hype?
    Paul Pierce was amazing today, and Boston certainly deserved to win the game and the series.
    Good luck in the next round. I want to see Garnett get a championship, and a Celtics/Lakers finals would be great for the league. Please beat Detroit.

  • Danno

    He had 6 assists and 45 points
    That’s why they lost.
    6 assists from your key ball handler and only two players scoring in double figures for your team means he was a ballhog, and didnt’ live up to the hype.
    And if the guy who lead your team in assists only had 6, your team isn’t a “team”. It’s one overrated superstar, and a bunch of over the hill castaways from other teams who couldn’t get it done.
    Watching lebron lose is almost sweeter than wtching the celtics advance. almost.

  • ssshady35

    Hey KOBEISKING, are YOU FUKIN STUPID??? You blind MF the refs called the game againstg the Celtics but the celtics still pulled it off!!! You blind ass mf were you watching the same game?? The pistons lost to the 76ers are you kidding me????

  • Rush

    great win by the c’s! worth waking up at 3:30 in the morning to hear sean and cedric call the game. kudos to eddie and pj for great effort off the bench. fantastic game by pp and solid play by kg.
    bring on the stones.

  • William

    I’d just like to take a second to quote one of my recent posts:
    “If ANY (not all, any) of the following things happen the Celtics become unstoppable:
    -Pierce takes over a game offensively.”
    Great close game today, so glad we pulled through. Pierce and His Majesty put on a show.
    Pierce 41 points eligible for 64 (17 2PTs, 6 3PTs, 12 FTs)
    LeBron 45 points eligible for 98 (18 2PTs, 11 3PTs, 19 FTs)
    But best stat line from the game for Cs fans? Wally’s:
    15 min, 0-3, 0-2, 0-0, 1 reb, 2 tos, 4 pfs.
    Loved telling him to sit down at the end of the game.

  • SacKing

    Faizan and Jesteroo, i am right here. i am not going anywhere. on the other hand, i wouldn’t expect to see either of you or the rest of the celts fans in here if the celts had lost. i would have been the only soul on this web site posting anything. anyways, i am very proud of the cavs. like kobeisking and brian noted, it took the celts 7 games to eliminate the cavs. the cavs were only down 1 point in the closing minutes. i am very satisfied with the way they finished the season. they didn’t allow the celts to humiliate them and they didnt let the hostile environment intimidate them. the cavs will only get better in the future, Lebron will have one more year under his belt. the cavs will be eliminating the celts from the playoffs for many years to come. enjoy this victory, because you won’t have many in the future.

  • Aingelives

    House was great. Long live Ainge!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Fuck Bron! Everyone in the national media wanted Cleveland to win this one because everyone’s too busy sucking LeBron’s dick to give the Celts any respect. Well fuck him and fuck the Cavs. They’re at home just like the Hawks. Billups and Sheed are next.
    Paul Pierce is the motherfucking TRUTH.

  • DoublePreppintheB

    Ok listen give credit where credit is due, Lebron played a great game and gave us a run for our money on the road in a hostile environment, I dont question LBJ being one of the best players in the league and I’m sure he will wind up with a few championships when he’s done.
    If anyone caught his post game remarks he was as classy as could be and gave credit and respect to the Cs so don’t hate, but that being said, Pierce was the best player on the court tonight and that was the difference in the game, everyone was talking about playoffs series always coming down to who has the best player, and I think its safe to say he was playing for the celtics, and we’re movin ON… GO CELTICS!!!!!

  • Faizan

    No disrespect to SacKing…actually it’s been fun having you around dude. It’s fun to trash talk.

  • Alex

    I hope the next series is not called like this one. After games 6 and 7 my stomach can’t take much more. Lebron is a great player. He does not need to be allowed to travel constantly to the basket, not get called on reach ins on Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, or get 2 shots almost every time he misses. Great win by the C’s. The Cavs combined with the refs is a pretty tough opponent. Great game by Paul too. Reminded me of the duel with Lebron from a couple years ago. Good guys win this time though.

  • Jason

    The Celtics suck! can’t even win a game on the road! this team is full of hype. sure they won 66 games during the regular season, but that means nothing here in the playoffs. the lowly, 8th seeded hawks forced a 7th game on your asses! goes to show how mediocre this team is. The celtics are full of choke artists. Pistons will win the east, no doubt about it.

  • celtified

    G4L–yeah that “check for blood” act was pretty funny…tapped on the hip, check for blood; falls on his ass, check for blood; foul Pierce on the perimeter, check for blood. the guy’s got so much talent but i definitely lost some respect for him. he’s like some fugly ogre pulling pubic hair out his teeth sometimes…