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Game 7, Part II

RedsArmyAdmin May 17, 2008 Uncategorized 23 Comments on Game 7, Part II

Classic bag job. Dick Bavetta and Co. gift-wrapped this one for the Cavs. Joe Forte gets credit for the worst call of the night: a charge on Paul Pierce with :49 left (Watch it here) which should have been called a block or reach on  LeBron James. See you Sunday.

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  • Ajay

    poor celtics we r actually going to do something that Boston can’t do win ON THE ROAD AND BEAT UTAH

  • Nate

    Totally agree. And I’m not raging lunatic — every series has been this way. The Celtics didn’t melt down in this one though, so the calls just got worse and worse. That “charge” on Pierce was absurd… I got called for that exact same blocking foul 150 times in high school.

  • davecowens

    Games like this are the reason why the NBA is a second-tier league. Is this the WWE or basketball?
    Anyone in for starting a “Birth-mark” chant when Delonte’s at the line on Sunday?
    Just look at it this way; we should get some makeup calls on Sunday.

  • William

    Pretty poor officiating, yes, but the Cs could have won. Is Powe hurt or something? He didn’t even see the court tonight.
    If he is, I say we activate Scalabrine for game 7. If he gets 10 minutes of burn in a blowout I think that will be a proper response to Cleveland’s fans again chanting “Boston Sucks.”

  • BigMck

    Seemed like all of Perks fouls were bad calls…he was playing physical but the refs wouldn’t allow it. Big Baby was throwing his body around the paint and barely any whistles.

  • TJ in DC

    Why has Perkins become so ineffective in the playoffs?!!!

  • droopy

    im not going to make any excuses. we sucked again. we dont hit the shots we need to. ray allen hasnt done shit. paul pierce was OK. we relied on KG to make 20 footers all game. if he didnt make so many of them we wouldve gotten smoked. eddie house played ok. posey sucked. big baby hustled. perk was bad. pj brown was ineffective. rondo? did he even play? he did nothing. cassel deserves 10 minutes per game. no more. no less. WHERE WAS LEON?!?!

  • lol

    It’s not that controversial. Sure it could’ve easily been a blocking foul, but notice that Pierce uses his off arm to push away James – that is an offensive foul. He wasn’t running into James with his shoulder.

  • Dre

    You should be able to win despite bad officiating… especially against the Cav’s… especially in the Eastern Conference.
    Celtics have to win – I’m pulling for them to make it in the Finals so I can relive the 80’s, sans the haircuts and fashion. Lakers vs. Celtics. C’mon!

  • youlost

    Stop whining. The refs want you to win but you didn’t hold your end up.
    All you people do is whine when you lose. You look like idiots.

  • The greatest cheat job in the history of sports was Easter Sunday 1973…Madison Square Garden, Knicks vs. Celtics…Jake O’Donnell & Jack Madden called 19 straight calls vs. the C’s in the 4th quarter of game 4 in the play-offs ( Hondo had a seperated shoulder and Paul Westphal had his greatest game as a Celtic)…they reffed in the ABA the next year…ever since that day i have never trusted NBA Refs or the NBA period…..tonight was another example, cause in my opinion the refs did a remarkable job of Keeping the Cavs in the game in the first half…..

  • SacKing

    aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you freaking celts fans!!!!!!!!! it’s funny how you guys talk about not making excuses, like bad calls or injuries, yet when it freaking happens to you, you whine, complain and make excuses. you guys are full of it. you guys are really high up there on that horse and once again your team failed to deliver. the boston celtics simply suck. i bet none of you guys ever predicted that Lebron was going to take you to 7 games. none of you!! the common belief in this web site after game 5 was that boston was going to FINALLY win on the road and finish off the cavs. even though i wasn’t posting anything, i was keeping an eye on all of you. i read things like, the cavs were DONE!!! boston moving on to eastern conference finals!!! the cavs have nothing left in the tank!!! the cavs are going to use daniel gibson’s injury to justify losing in game 6!!! and now look at you guys, making your own excuses for losing game 6. yea, continue to be on that high horse of yours you bunch of arrogant and hypocritical beings. and whiners too!
    Cavs in 7

  • Doc rivers is a complete fraud, I don’t believe more has not been made of this guy. The only guy in all of sports I can put him below is Isiah Thomas. There are examples clear as day in EVERY game in the playoffs

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Cavs cant win in Boston, so atleast we have that going for us. But this is getting really old. There’s nothing else to say.

  • ShooterMcGavin

    i thought some of the traveling calls on the celtics were more questionable than that call..
    ..who knows…none of us are the least bit surprised this is going to 7

  • inferno

    Guys…some of the calls were off last night…no doubt, but please don’t complain…#1 seeds who can’t score 70 points in a potential elimination game don’t have any court to stand on…Ray Ray went nappy nappy…Rondo was checking out a Metrosexual in row 3…Pierce was simply overmatched v. LeBron…Doc doesn’t know how to sub in critical situations…this is embarrassing on so many levels…poor KG…he’s the only guy playing like he wants to win…
    69 points guys…refs didn’t cost you this game…pathetic.

  • Jp

    Alright I am working on no sleep the past few nights so bear with me…
    I am a fiercely loyal Celtics fan, I’ll argue that every call should go in favor of the Celtics, but some of the talk here about refs giving away games is just foolish. In 2008 NBA Basketball, refs can not/will not fix a game such that a team which should clearly have won (and won outright) will lose. Any close game is decided at the hands of the coaches and the players. Calls will vary good to bad for both teams. The NBA does not want refs to extend series. Refs do not want to be scrutinized for changing the outcome of a game. It has been that way for years (betting scandal aside) that is why there are so many no calls on last shots, refs do not want to be the deciding factor in the outcome of a game.
    I challenge anyone who is a True Celtics fan, someone who believes in this team to drop the silly antics about refs. Our team lost this game. Yes some calls may have been missed, or called incorrectly, but how many times has Lebron drove to the hole and not had a foul called? Is her really missing those bunnies without getting hit?
    I am mad like the rest of you. Our team should have only played 10 games to this point. “Doc is a fraud” I think that may be a little strong a statement, but I have no doubt that (and have said for years) he is not a winning coach. He is a hell of a players coach, but he does not seem to have the capacity to win, to coach to win.
    I for one am looking forward to 16-0 at home if it comes to that. I am worried that the Pistons won’t rattle much on the road so they will be hard to beat in seven so we had better figure out how to steal at least one at the Palace.
    Prediction: Celtics by 20 in the fourth, cut to 12 by the final horn.

  • Atomic Man

    I can’t wait to watch the Celtics throw it away in Boston. Lets please not blame the refs- that was a definite push off by Pierce, Only MJ can get away with that- COME ON.
    Prediction: “PAIN”

  • Aingelives

    The next game won’t be called so tight. However the team that wants it more will get the calls and that was the Cav’s last night. Well we won’t see the Jazz so win or lose to the Paul and company this team has been a joy to watch all year. In honor on King whine today at basketball I.m going to over react ever time I miss, which isn’t often.

  • As I said in our forums…
    Our inability to prevent offensive rebounds cost us the game… the horrible calls prevented us from coming back.
    So if the Celtics had played better (especially early) they would have built a lead that they may have held. But after getting down… they had no real shot of coming back.

  • After watching the tape of the game, I am totally convinced that the Entertainment Directors that are called Refs, flat out had a major influence in that game, but now we got to forget about it and move on to Sunday….and WIN!!!

  • SacKing

    and when you guys do win, blogging certainly comes to mind. this place is happening when you win. so i don’t get why there is a difference. i get the same urge to blog, win or lose. i don’t get you guys, it’s like trying to figure out women. i try to figure it out, i always fail. oh well, arguing with you is good enough.
    Cavs in 7

  • Rush

    hooray for our court jester. he with his 100% correct predictions. cavs in 5. nope. lbj will drop 50 on you. nope. cavs in 6. nope. cavs in 7.
    let’s see if he’s still here after game 7. prolly with Pistons in 6.