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Can They Beat Us?

RedsArmyAdmin May 17, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Can They Beat Us?

Can we really lose to LeBron James and his band of role players (I got physically ill watching Wally drain that 25-footer with 2 minutes left last night) in a Game 7 at the Garden? Put a gun to my head and force me to make decision, I'm going with the Celtics. There's no denying this has been one ugly series. But I like our guys on our court with our refs. Oops…did I make a reference that the referees have not been impartial? Sorry but I just can't overlook the discrepancy in fouls called and free throws. LeBron is going to the line more than the entire Celtics team. Perk is getting whistles for breathing on guys in the paint, while Varejao throws his body around with reckless abandon. I realize no one outside of Boston wants to hear our complaints but they're valid. I love Doc's quote after the game:

"Tell the refs to do the interview. They were just as important."

Moving on…I'm still trying to determine if Rajon Rondo actually played last night. Fortunately Eddie House made some shots. The bench play has been poor the last two games. I'm also waiting for the news to break that Leon Powe is banging Doc's wife, because that's the only way to justify his lack of minutes recently. I'm running out of negative references for Ray Allen's play. As for winning Sunday, it doesn't matter if LeBron goes off for 50, the Celtics only need these two things to happen:

-Someone (Ray, Rondo or Posey) emerge as the 3rd offensive weapon.

-Stay even with Cleveland on the boards.

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  • Doc should be better than that. That call on Pierce was definitely questionable. Perhaps a make-up for when LeBron was fouled with the no-call a bit earlier? I’m not sure.
    I read through the other post and stopped about half way down due to some of the rediculous comments. This game was ugly on both ends. A ton of turnovers, a lot of jumpers.
    I also see the issue with no Leon Powe. Perhaps his ineffectiveness on the road thus far? I think he’s averaging about three points per game on the road as opposed to seven at home – I may be mistaken. The only concern I would have if I were a Celtics fan right now comes down to “identity.”
    I agree that Eddie House’s appearance is long overdue. However, when you run him out there with Allen, Rondo, Posey and Glen Davis, you’re obviously going small. Where’s the room for Powe? I guess if you limit Davis’ minutes, but perhaps Rivers wanted to ride his hot streak off of game 5?
    The identity may be a big thing. If you want to ball with House (and the instant offense he brings), you’re going to have to concede on the glass – 45-37 last night. Sunday will definitely be a huge game. You guys have the history and record in your favor. I can guarantee you that this isn’t Atlanta, but I do know that we have our work cut out for us tomorrow afternoon…
    Best of luck.

  • Jester00

    quite possebly the great line you have ever written I’m still laughing as I’m typing this
    I’m also waiting for the news to break that Leon Powe is banging Doc’s wife, because that’s the only way to justify his lack of minutes recently

  • Ricky

    I don’t think any of the calls Lebron got in that game were bad, with the exception of the charge (this coming from a Cavs fan). Lebron gets to the line a lot because he attacks the rim, something the Celtics don’t do with any regularity. Maybe Varejao gets away with calls, but Davis and Perkins just aren’t playing good defense.
    And I don’t know if you should be too flattered about other fans coming to this site, I only know about it because you were on Waiting For Next Year

  • Bill

    That’s hilarious. That’s gotta be the only reason we didn’t see Leon last night. Why not play Leon, especially with Perk and Baby with 5 each? That’s such an easy call.
    I like Doc a lot but I gotta side with his critics about his poor rotations. Critical guys fall in and out of his rotation at the drop of a hat. I know he’s supposed to ride a guy until his wheels fall off, but you gotta be able to look back over the course of a season and remember what a guy has done for you. I think Leon would have been that spark in the paint last night.

  • another tim.

    i think ray allen (and paul pierce at the beginning of the series) not shooting well has sort of over shadowed the inconsistency off the bench. i would argue the three most productive players off the bench for us this year were posey, house, and powe. until last night, house was missing. posey has not been contributing his usual 8 to 10 points, and powe has been put in some weird rotation with big baby and pj brown. baby and pj have had “big” games for us in the past, but in last night’s game where the bigs where getting hacked and not getting calls, i think powe is the most likely to get fouled and make the basket anyways, even if he doesn’t get the call.
    for the celtics to win game 7, at least convincingly, i think these three need to show up (maybe cassell could do the job for eddie. maybe). ray allen not scoring hurts, but garnett, pierce, and rondo can carry the scoring for the first team.

  • Shawn

    If they lose tommoro, Doc should be fired. No doubt about it his silly rotations in the playoffs have cost them dearly. Last night we saw Eddie House for the first time, he contributed nicely, Glenn Davis will be a good player in time, but not now and not in the most important situations, where is Leon Powe. Lebron is killing our defense so where in the world is Tony Allen. Doc I blame you most of all for being in this situation and I pray for the best tommoro but you need to get better at coaching in playoffs like you did in the regular season, if not theres the door.

  • William

    You’re right, we’re a mess right now. A victory today and we get four more games (at least, though Detroit will probably take us to seven) to figure it out.
    No, I wouldn’t sell my milkshake or my mom to see Ray find himself. If it’s going to happen then it will just take time. Time that he’ll have if we win today.