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What Can Brown Do For You?

 pj brown

These would be what you call "Playoff fouls."

Don't underestimate how important fouls like this are in the playoffs.  It tells everyone that it won't be easy… so your jumper had better be on.

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  • dicky

    Very nice, but I swore the first pic you would post would be KG “head-butting” Rondo.

  • William

    The first two are the same play, just thought I’d point that out for ssshady35.
    Where’s the photo of Gibson doing the “check for blood” routine he learned from LeBron?

  • Mike

    Thats how you foul! Good work PJ, you dont let them get that shot off…

  • Brick James

    haha yes! brown has been incredibly solid. Glad the ThreeParty talked him into donning green.