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The Chuck Wagon May Lose Thumbs

RedsArmyAdmin May 15, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Chuck Wagon May Lose Thumbs

Chuck and I are both avid purveyors in… ahem… 'games of chance'.  So I feel like I must specify that this post is about Charles Barkley… not our own resident degenerate gambler Chuck McKenney.  The rich Chuck may not be as rich as we thought.

Wynn Las Vegas filed a lawsuit in District Court on Wednesday to force former National Basketball Association star Charles Barkley to pay back $400,000 in gambling markers the casino alleges it extended him last year.

Lawyers for Wynn Las Vegas declined to comment. But in its four-page lawsuit, the resort said it had extended four $100,000 markers to Barkley, two each on Oct. 18 and Oct. 19, that have not been paid back.

“By taking the $400,000 in credit and refusing to pay the amount despite repeated attempts, Barkley has wrongfully exercised dominion and control over Wynn’s property,” the suit said. “Barkley has exercised this dominion in derogation, exclusion and defiance of Wynn’s rights in its property.”

All I've got to say is Chuck better pay up… and he's lucky that these aren't the mob-controlled Vegas days of the 50's. 

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