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RedsArmyAdmin May 15, 2008 Uncategorized 19 Comments on One to Go

Exhale. Take deep breaths. Think happy thoughts. I was doing all those things in final two minutes of this one. The Celtics beat the Cavs 96-89 to take a 3-2 series lead. This was one helluva rollercoaster ride. Cleveland jumped out to a 14 point lead thanks in part to LeBron's 23 first half points. But the Celtics went on a 14-3 run to end the half and then dominated the 3rd quarter 29-17.  But we got a real scare at the end when the Cavs cut the lead to 4 with 45 seconds, but fortunately the Celtics were able to remove head-from-ass and win this.

-Rajon Rondo (20 pts,13 assts, 2 stls, 2 blks) was simply fabulous. He made two huge 3s during the team's second quarter run. He also had some great floaters in the lane. But the best number from his stat sheet was the 42 minutes.

-Paul Pierce (29 pts, 7 reb) was key down the stretch nailing 8 free throws in the final 1:30. He also played excellent defense on LBJ in the second half.

-KG (26 pts, 16 reb) was a huge factor in the 3rd quarter, making 6 straight shots.

-Glen Davis chipped in with 6 energetic points while playing most of the 4th quarter.

-Ray Allen (11 pts, 4-11 FG) is still dragging this team down. However, his offensive rebound with 45 seconds left and the Celtics up 4 saved this game and my heart from exploding.

-For what it's worth, Cleveland shot 18 more free throws than the Celtics. I'm just sayin'…

For those who didn't notice, Beyonce and Jay-Z were at the game.

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  • Tim (FD)

    What about Antoine??? Am I the only one that saw him front row? C’mon somebody, back me up.

  • I missed it. When did you see it? I’ll scan the game and see if I can get a screen cap

  • BigMck

    I didn’t see Toine. Are you sure?

  • JTB

    There was definitely a ‘Toine sighting. He looked great, too.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Where’s Cavs in 6? I don’t think he’ll show up tonight.
    I almost slit my wrists when Posey gave them life at the end of the game with that stupid return pass…yes, the blood would have been green.

  • Mike

    Posey was driving me nuts; that giveaway at the end almost killed me. He’s been so good these playoffs, except these last two games in which he’s absolutely stunk. No offense and for some reason he can no longer stay in front Lebron. Doc went through this long spiel about Lebron “rejecting” our pick n roll defense as if it were some overture of love, when in reality he was just leaving Posey in his dust. Rarely did it happen against Pierce.
    Have to give Doc credit on two fronts though: he benched Cassell in favor of Rondo (not House) in the second half, and he let Rondo operate with the ball.

  • MA

    Yup, that was ‘Toine and he did look really good, but he didn’t seem very happy – prolly ‘cos he’s not on the Celtics anymore.
    You should have seen people kissing up to Beyonce and Jay-Z – it was hilarious. Even Rob Lowe was there. I could have sworn I was in LA.
    Anyway, back to the Celts. I think that KG is really saving the team’s collective ass out there. There were definite spurts of really good playing by various members of the team (Rajon and Big Baby come to mind) but there was also a sense that the team seemed really discombobulated and un-focused at various times, too. KG’s intensity just NEVER lets up – it’s amazing. It’s that intensity (and brilliance, imho) that is really carrying this team forward.
    Sorry for the ramble – I’m totally exhausted from screaming my head off.

  • Al

    Celtics and Kg fan from New Zealand here, followed the game on the net when I could – the worst time being 43-29!
    Big ups to Rondo – great game from him, Cassell only 5 mins and 0 pts….is this the adjustment that changes the series?
    Great effort from KG again…..can they take it on the road though??

  • chris

    The worst that can happen is it goes back to Boston.

  • Rush

    cavs done in 6!

  • SacKing

    i do show up after losses unlike you guys. this place is deserted after a loss. but anyways, the celts struggled to win, it’s not going to get any easier. cavs will win at home in game 6 and then execute the heart breaker. this place is going to be a mortuary after game 7. again, i wouldn’t be surprised if this web site doesnt get shut down after that painful upset. Lebron still has one more trick up his sleeve.
    Cavs in 7

  • Josh In Tampa

    I’m sure SacKing will be saying “Pistons in 4” after Friday…

  • ssshady35

    I just wanted to tell sacking that the C’s have not had a good game yet and they are up3-2, I feel a break out game in Cleveland for the C’s!!! It’s going to bell over friday and were going to get ready for the Pistons. That’s it NO game seven here.

  • G4L

    You gotta give Doc and the C’s all the Credit this game! They made all the Adjustments the Second Half!

  • Dave

    Sacklick, or whatever, you know what makes you such a douche (besides the fact that you hide behind your little screen trolling & talking sh*t about teams that have nothing to do with you)? That you make predictions every post. What’s your success rate at this point, a crisp 10%?
    Sacking making a correct prediction is 20.


    You guys are lucky Rondo hiot those 3’s in the first half…the whole game changed after that…
    Good luck against the Pistons…

  • Lakerhater

    Sacking – just so you know, even if the C’s would have lost last nite I would still have shown up today to point out that you are a douche. Working with the retarded redeems my irish soul.

  • droopy

    toine was kickin it front row and donyell marshall was 10th row behind the hoop too i was right behind him shootin the shit with him. awesome fucking game the garden was going wild all game. they are gonna need more than lebron to beat us… big game friday! LETS GO CELTS!!!
    ps. at the end of the game a bunch of us were waiting for the players to leave and KG was the last out and this crazy fan chased him down the street KG pulled a uturn then ran a red light to get away from him.. hilarious KGs the man

  • droopy

    yea apparently this dude is there every game.. a half hour before he did the same thing to tony allen and he came back with a hundred bucks… i guess KG didnt wanna talk or give any donations