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LeBron Was Better In Game 4

RedsArmyAdmin May 15, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on LeBron Was Better In Game 4

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Almost everywhere you look, you will read something about Game 5 being LeBron's "finest performance" of the series.  That's a total load of crap written by people who only look at the "points" column of the box score and don't really watch games.

Yes, LeBron pumped in 35 points… but 23 of them were in the first half.  He tailed off when it mattered most… and worst of all… he didn't distribute the ball nearly as well as he did in Game 4.  He had 5 assists last night… and it wasn't just because his teammates weren't hitting.  It was because LeBron wasn't interested in creating.

The difference between Game 5 LeBron and Game 4 LeBron is that last night… he got a taste of what it was like to get hot… and he liked it.  He wanted more of it.  In Game 4, he knew he was off… so he passed more.  He didn't get hot until the end… when he hit clutch long-range shots and polished the Celtics off with a dunk that had everyone creaming themselves.

So while hacks will tell you that last night's 35 point (12/25 fg), 5 assist, 3 rebound, 1 steal, 1 block performance was the best game LeBron's had this series… I contend the 21 points (7/20 fg), 13 assists, 6 rebound, 3 steal and 2 block Game 4… a win… was MUUUUCH better.

And the final proof that Game 4's performance was better than Game 5's:  I think most C's fans would much rather have LeBron submit a duplicate of last night's game in Game 6…. than see Game 4 LeBron again. 

So to all the hacks saying last night's game was LeBron's best of the series… I would like to point out that there are about a dozen columns in the box score not labeled "points" for a reason. 

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