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KG Is Mentally Unstable… In A Good Way

I've said it a million times before… and I'll say it again…

No trancendent athlete is well adjusted.  The all have some trigger, some fault, some instability that drives them to do things that other people with great talent can't… or won't.  Long after we've all calmed down, or quit practicing… or stopped lifting… these guys are still at it.

KG's "fault", as I've said before, is his intensity.  Forget renewable energy… harness KG's intensity and you can power the world for the next millennium.  You can leave your car running for a year if every curse that left his lips could be turned into gasoline.

So with that… I give you this ESPN report on what KG did before Game 5… courtesy of our buddies on

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  • Because this attribute is, in fact, KG greatest strength and his greatest weakness, as an elitel level basketball player … he is going to need a lot of help from his teammates and his coaches, if the C’s are going to go the distance this year.
    Since you are much closer to this team than I could ever hope to be … can you please tell me the reason that Doc Rivers keeps riding the Ray Ray horse into the ground and is refusing to play the younger and more athletic Tony Allen for a few brief stretches in each of these playoff games we’re watching?
    By abandoning Tony Allen & Eddie House, two players who made major contributions to the Celtics efforts this year, in the regular season … Doc Rivers is unnecessarily messing with a good thing and making this team walk the tight-rope, at least on the road, for no good reason whatsoever.
    Can you please help me out here, cause I’m not understanding what’s confusing Doc’s thinking in this area.
    If the C’s give regular minutes to House, Tony Allen, Posey, Big Baby and Leon Powe … off the bench … they are double-digits better than the Cavaliers, even if/when the game is played in Cleveland.

  • From what I saw last game, physically, nothing’s wrong with Posey.
    You don’t start a player on Lebron if/when he’s got a physical disability of some sort … and Posey began Game 5 by checking LBJ, so that PP could focus on his own Offensive game w/o having to worry so much about the defensive end of the floor.