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Opening For Eddie

RedsArmyAdmin May 14, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Opening For Eddie

We have been asking for it… and Doc Rivers may be seeing it as well.  If all Sam Cassell is doing off the bench is shooting rather than running our offense… then we might as well have Eddie House in there.

“As a coach you always have the Sam-and-Eddie question. If Sam is playing well, there is no Eddie question. If Sam is playing poorly, there is an Eddie question. I am smart enough to get that.”

The answer to the Sam and Eddie question?

“You’ll see when the game starts.”

That's from Scott Souza at today's practice.  And because he's a professional writer, he sums things up better than I ever have.

The trouble with Cassell as a backup point guard the way he is playing now is that, for all his experience, he really isn’t performing as a point guard in the playoffs. He is a shooting threat who has tried to keep the defense honest – and admittedly has hit some big, big shots – but any advantage he had over House as a true point guard running the show has disappeared.

This is especially the case when it comes to ball movement – which happens to be a House speciality (pardon the ongoing array of puns). House is not a great ball-handler, but he does move the ball on offense, whereas Cassell has looked for his shot in many cases first while the other four players have stood around like spectators.

Defensively, Cassell’s struggles against Daniel Gibson and Delonte West mean House wouldn’t be a downgrade there either.

Its amazing how much sense you can make when you don't spend so much time calling people douchebags.  Not that I'm going to stop.

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  • jtb

    this is great news. if doc can get his head out of his ass and use the lineup that got us here, we may be able to win this thing despite him.

  • ssshady35

    REMEMBER ME SSSHADY35!!! I was asking for him in the ATL serier now were counting on SAM to save us. SAM should be used to take care of the ball not to score. Put him in DOC!!!

  • Mike

    Well, it sounds like Doc was smart enough to figure it out after the 4th game of the second round. There are reasons to play Sam over Eddie, the primary one being that he can get a shot off, off the dribble unlike Eddie who is almost 100% catch and shoot (and he usually needs to be pretty open as well to hit). It’s just frustrating that he leaves Sam out there so long when he is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I mean, come on. You gotta figure if nothing else, Eddie can play better defense than Sam.

  • Well Mike… Eddie’s D can’t be any worse.

  • Thank GAWD we’ll see some Eddie tonight. Of course I shouldn’t say that until Eddie actually steps out onto the court. I can’t wait to see how the crowd reacts because I think most fans feel the same way right now.

  • lb3

    At long last, Rivers comes to his senses. I only drank the Alien Kool-Aid after much resistance. I think that Eddie (1) brings more energy; (2) is not any more or less of a defensive liability; (3) can score in bigger bunches, faster. Game four indicated that we could get the defense going on the road; it’s just that, when that was done, we forgot how to score. Eddie can help fill that role, and did throughout the regular season.

  • Dave

    I’m still not so sure about House. I cringe when he handles the ball. But fuck it, obviously quickdraw isn’t getting it done.

  • G4L

    Eddie.. Eddie!!