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How Do We Distract LeBron?

This is a comment from 'MA' in our last post:

I’ll be there – 1 row behind Mommy’s Boy LeBron – screaming my brains out.

I wonder what I can do to distract him?

I think that's an excellent question.  Let's get some ideas. 

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  • Kev

    How about “Sit your ass down” ? haha

  • SacKing

    i can’t believe it has come down to this, you guys exchanging ideas about how to distract Lebron. it doesnt matter what you do to try to distract him, its about who plays with mroe desire. it’s amazing how much the demeanor and mood of this place has changed since the beginning of the series. your arrogance and bravado were so evident, with you guys thinking that Lebron was going to go down quietly 0-4 or 1-3, from saying that Lebron was simply a bitch of the celtics, from saying that the Hawks were going to be the only team that the celts were going to struggle with from now on and so on. what happen to this place? i am even losing desire to come on here and argue with you guys. you guys are so pessimistic and negative, now desperately seeking any way to distract the cavs in game 5. whats next? are you guys going to go pray to your leprachaun to get the celts a win? you guys are no fun anymore.
    Cavs in 6

  • Aingelives

    Lebron will not lead his team past the Celtics. He is a speed-bump on the road to the Finals. This team has been a joy to watch all year and nothing anyone says about them or if they win or lose to Utah in the Finals will change that for me. Good guys in 7.

  • inferno

    I didn’t know the NBA introduced a consolation finals game Aingelives? Good luck with that…Cavs win by 1 …shot at the buzzer by the scary Eastern block guy…Il-GOW-skuss!
    Cavs 38 C’s 37…god Eastern Conf. basketball is great! When does the WNBA start…maybe they can watch and learn how to shoot a mid-range jumper.

  • Lakerhater

    Enough with the bandwagon sackless. Even if the C’s were 16-65 this year I would still rather root for the green than the douchebags from cleveland. Did you notice your boy Lebron didn’t once act like a bitch on a meaningless foul while mom was in the audience.