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Lip Readers Beware

RedsArmyAdmin May 13, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Lip Readers Beware

Every replay of Kevin Garnett includes an f-bomb.  In fact… you're lucky if you only got one.  I once counted 3 mother f-bombs in a 10 second replay. 

But… these are the playoffs… and everything is magnified.  So this clip (via Odenized) is one of about a bazillion of KG out there saying something unsavory. 

Celtics fans aren't shocked by this… but Lord knows that some over-sensitive people out there are going to take this and run with it.

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  • nate

    Same here.. thought that’s what he said. Would have been much cooler if the C’s won though unfortunately. Still good stuff.

  • buu

    i would be lying if i said that i didnt want lebron to say those same words to deshawn stevenson in round 1.