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RedsArmyAdmin May 13, 2008 Uncategorized 12 Comments on All Even

Not much to say after this one, except we witnessed another crappy effort by the Celtics. The Cavaliers played great defense, got exceptional bench play and made clutch baskets in their 88-77 victory in Game 4. Let's get right to the analysis criticism:

-Ray Allen looks 55 years old. Not only is he shooting poorly (4-10 FG, 15 pts) but his defense on Wally Szczberiak remains atrocious.

-Paul Pierce (6-17 FG, 13 pts) is lost on the offensive end. Maybe guarding LeBron James is taking its toll. But he looks clueless when double-teamed, holding the ball too long before passing. A whopping two free-throw attemps tonight.

-KG started strong (13 pts in first half) but took just four shots the rest of the game. Four shots in the second half of a close playoff game on the road? Inexplicable.

-Sam Cassell was awful and Doc Rivers is a moron for not recognizing it. Would it be a crime to give Eddie House some minutes? I realize you need offense when Rondo is struggling, but Sam was not the answer tonight. Everyone but Doc Rivers knew that.

-Cleveland had much better bench play (outscored 36 -17). Daniel Gibson, Varejao and Joe Smith made shots.  PJ Brown (8pts, 6 reb) was the only Celtic reserve to make an impact.

In simple terms, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen need to play better for this team to win consistently in the playoffs.

Box Score | Recap

The only laugh from this horrible game was watching LeBron's mother come to his aid after a hard foul in the 2nd quarter. She even put her hands on KG. LeBron ever so politely told his mother to "Sit your ass down!"


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  • King James

    Boston sucks Boston sucks Boston sucks Boston sucks Boston sucks Boston sucks King James >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Big Three FAGGOTS

  • Jack

    Going into the playoffs, I though Boston was the team to beat. I even wrote off Boston losing 3 games in Atlanta, thinking Atlanta was a young superathletic team showing their promise.
    However, after this second loss against the Cavs, I think Boston is all done. They might win the series, they might even beat Detroit, but I would favour New Orleans/Lakers/Utah/San Antonio over them easily. Boston is offensively anemic. Every basket is a struggle. Ray Allen should retire, he was declining during the regular season and has become a liability in the playoffs, both offensively and defensively. Paul Pierce is an offensive liability these days. Rondo is very suspicious on any shot, including layups. If Sam isn’t hot, he’s useless. Perkins couldn’t make a layup if he tried. Fuck, LeBron is being held to under 20 most games and Boston is still getting killed. By the Cavaliers supporting squad! In many cases, the Cavs bench!
    It is absolutely unforgiveable that Wally Szczerbiak, Joe Smith, Daniel Gibson, Delonte West, and Illglauskes are more offensively viable than the entire Celtic team. Gibson and Wally especially have been automatic if you give them a free look, where as the only guy on the Celtics making open looks is PJ fucking Brown.
    Disgraceful. Boston deserves to lose if they are getting outplayed offensively by the Cavs with LeBron putting up half his usual numbers. This was a series where Ray Allen really needed to step up. Instead he’s clunking open look 3s while Boobie Gibson and Szczerbiak have been unconscious.
    PS. Doc Rivers just might be mentally handicapped.

  • SacKing

    yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa, finally i got some backup in this celtic site. oh, it’s looking ever so familiar celtic fans, you guys remembering detroit moer and more, each passing second, each passing minute, each passing hour, is the memories coming back? cavs down 0-2, instead of folding 0-4, they won four straight. you guys are looking too ahead of yourselfs, i told you all along you guys were looking too ahead of yourselfs. what did you guys tell me? SacKing is an idiot, a retard, a troll. then you post an article saying that Lebron is the celtics bitch, so who is the bitch now? you must eliminate Lebron first before you talk lakers. continue to underestimate the cavs, i dare you to continue. this series will be over in no time.
    Cavs in 6

  • SacKing… you’re still all those things… because we’re not the players. We’re the bloggers and the fans. We can talk about whatever we want. I can look ahead to the Lakers series because its fun to talk about that stuff. I don’t have to worry about eliminating LeBron because I’m not guarding him. I get to pretend. Its fun. You should try it. For instance… try pretending that you have a brain.

  • bryan

    Have fun pretending that Boston is still playing in June when you go fishing. =)

  • LeviStanford

    Wow, I didn’t know that was his mother. How embarrassing!
    Oh, and all of you “Cavs” fans really crack me up!

  • Jester00

    PS. Doc Rivers just might be mentally handicapped.
    that’s just funny
    SacKing where did you get that screen name? Do you like sack in your face? I’m not in to that kinda thing but good for you. Cavs WILL NOT WIN ONE IN BOSTON!!!!!!
    P.S. I like most Cavs fans Especially female hot blondes, not you, your crude and must suffer some type of head trama!!!!!! Celt’s in 6
    it’s 4am why are we up?????

  • LeBron’s mommy comes to the rescue… 🙂

  • BigMck

    SacKing, Bryan and Queen James – the series is tied 2-2, right? Just making sure you know that. I’m guessing math (and english) aren’t your strengths.
    Celtics in 6.

  • Danno

    I can’t believe Lebron is that much of a fucking pussy that his mommy needed to come out and help him when he was getting “beat up”.
    I’m betting Lebron spent many an afternoon picking wedgies out of his ass when he was a kid.

  • Atomic Man

    Face it Celtics Fans, your team really isn’t as good as you think. The Big three look more like the “Three little pigs”. They will never be as good as MJ and the 1995/1996 Chicago Bulls, 72 wins baby “Greatest Ever”, sorry Lakers fans (Inferno).
    Cavs in 6, King James is fired up now, watch out