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See… This Road Thing Is Tough

We'll wait until tomorrow night's game to talk further about the Celtics road woes in the playoffs… but I hope that the rest of the playoffs make people realize that winning playoff games in someone else's house is hard. 

Exhibit A:  Utah's 123-115 game 4 win.  (Holy crap… 123 points.  Nice D, Lakers).  Now that series is tied at 2. 

Exhibit B:  After 2 blowouts at New Orleans… and everyone writing the Spurs off (again)… The Spurs are currently smoking New Orleans to tie up the series.

We live in a world where Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless yell and scream at each other after each game… making very definitive statements about things that aren't definite yet.  After 2 games, San Antonio was old and done… and the Lakers were going to sweep their way to a title.  Tomorrow… the blowhards will say "New Orleans is too young to handle that kind of pressure" and "the Lakers aren't tough enough to win it all." 

Bottom line is… none of that is true.  But soul-less, reactionary loud-mouths who will pick a side and relentlessly argue it because "It's good TV", and not because they believe it, want you to think so.  The bottom line here is… its hard to win on the road in the playoffs.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Of course this is true. Playing on the road is tough and especially in the playoffs. And this year it seems to be even more important. This is why you play the whole 82 games season, to get home court ADVANTAGE. So I’m glad the Celts have this trump card in their back pocket.
    BUT, I do feel championship teams have to win on the road-especially when they ARE better than the opposing team. And when it comes to the Finals (with a 2-3-2 format) it is a must.
    We need this next game, we need this boost. The Celts have done it all season long, and their TEAM and All-star playerS are better than the Cavs and their All-star playeR. C’s in five (still)

  • Anyone seen Ajay? Maybe he’s preparing his “we didn’t win the series because Kobe hurt his back” explanation.

  • SacKing

    i was actually wondering about you Bigmck? hadn’t seen you in quite some time since that celtic loss. just coming on here to make sure you guys are still around. i have been watching those lakers, boy they have the injury bug. bynum, ariza and an ailing kobe, hard to overcome all of that in the west. i sympathize with them because if they had all of their pieces, they would give the cavs a great fight, and if it was a celtic/laker finals, they would probably beat the celtics. without a healthy kobe, it might be a quick playoff exit for them. but anyways, how you been Bigmck? things are looking up over here in cleveland. looking forward to tying up this series soon. i’m sure Lebron is getting ready for this one. he will be ready.
    Cavs in 6
    p.s. just wanted to let you know that i am glad to see you guys again

  • Juan

    Did you guys see Jamele Hill and Skip Bayless both agreeing that the Cav’s got the series against Boston after just one win. Then they started praising Lebron for what a good game he had. He went 5-16. It was the other guys that beat us. What do you guys think is a better defensive plan: shut down Lebron and let the other guys beat you, or let Lebron drop 50 and shut everyone else down?