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The Point Guard Question

The big question out there today has to do with Rajon Rondo and Sam Cassell.  I touched on it this morning… but let's go into it a little more.  Here's the theory:

"Doc Rivers is breaking Rajon's confidence by sitting him extended minutes in favor of a veteran point guard he trusts too much."

So the question now is… is this just people making too much of this… or is there some truth to this? 

Cleveland is doing what we though most teams would do all season long… pulling the point guard off Rajon and letting him shoot.  Only right now… he's not shooting much, or well.  He's passing up shots to take it to the hole… and many of those shots are getting blocked. 

So in comes Sam… who can shoot well enough to force the defender to come up on him.  The problem is… the plan is to start passing once that happens… and Sam often still shoots.

So what is Doc Rivers to do?  Is Rondo's playing with less confidence?  And if he is… is it because Doc Rivers is pulling him too quickly in favor Sam?

On the flip side… if one player is playing poorly… isn't he forcing the coach to make a move to his back up? 

Its an interesting debate.  Personally… I'm pushing for Rondo to get back to doing what he does best… defending and distributing… and when they give you an open shot… take it.  That's what has been successful for us so far… and we need to get back to it.

For those of you who missed the Bill Russell thing with Kevin Garnett… here it is.  Prepare for chills.

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  • zippittyay


  • Bill

    That Russell/Garnett was the corniest thing I’ve ever seen. Just another feel-good story TV does to try to make it more accessible to the average person. Apparently Bill Russell is proud of KG. For what? It’s his first year in Boston and he hasn’t done anything yet. Notice how KG barely said anything. He was probably forced to do it and was super embarassed to have to look someone in the eye as they say that sappy shit. I prefer the games on Comcast because they don’t add any fluff, just basketball.

  • Tim (FD)

    Are you serious? Who cares if it was corny or sappy, that was Bill Russell. I could listen to him talk about Russian history for hours and hours.

  • I think KG knows full well that he’s sitting in front of ‘The Don’ of Celtics basketball. Its him and Bird at the front of the table… and KG is well aware of what it means to hear from Bill.
    You can tell who the Alpha Dog is in the room right away… and KG is always the Alpha Dog…. except with Bill. He deferred to him and stayed quiet.. which is a lot for KG. He defers to very few people