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RedsArmyAdmin May 11, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Not Worried

kevin garnettPardon me while I quote myself:

In the end… the matchups favor the Celtics.  The defense is just way too much.  LeBron is good for a win by himself.  Their shooters can get hot and win another one.  Celtics in 6. 

Well… last night was all about "the other 4 guys."  LeBron shot 5-16 for another crappy shooting night.  But he had 8 assists… because everyone else was making shots… especially Joe Smith (7-8, 17 points) and  Delonte West (7-11, 21 points).  Does anyone expect those guys to shoot like that again?  

My biggest problem with the C's last night wasn't that they lost.  I think a lot of people expected a loss.  Its that they gave up too many offensive rebounds (which is a strength of Cleveland's) and the offense got way too stagnant way too often.  I think I speak for most people when I say I'm a little sick of Sam Cassell turning into a black hole when he's in the game.  Its ok if he shoots… but how about working the ball around a little, huh Sam?  And someone tell Rajon that those little baseline jumpers he was hitting in the 3rd quarter (when the C's cut a 20+ point lead down to 12) are the shots he needs to make early in the game. 

So don't put any stock in the "they can't win on the road" mess that people will be talking today.  Game 3 was about their role players playing out of their minds.  There's no way that can be sustained.  Maybe LeBron will step up and win a second game for them at some point… but if the Celtics come out and just…. play… basketball… they'll win.

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  • bigmck

    You have to quote yourself on this site…because all those Cav lovers (see SacKing) with short memories will be crowing this morning.

  • inferno

    Well…for all your “defense wins championships” mantras…the bottom line is you guys can’t seem to score against the Cavs?!? They are allowing KG and Rondo to get their shots and putting pressure on Allen and Pierce to deliver…not happening…this is as ugly as the Detroit-Indiana series a couple of years back…Tell you what…you can dismiss me as a Celtic hater, whatever, but I want Lakers-Celtics in the finals…if they let the cavs win Game 4 and LeBron does have a big game…you guys are in trouble…and in fairness, I feel the same way about the Lakers today, we need this win to squelch any confidence built in Game 3…the difference is, we’re not playing a team with a superstar who , I quote “is good for a win by himself “…Win Game 4 Celtics or the grandkids will still be waiting for a championship…

  • Aingelives

    Consider it done.

  • SacKing

    of course i will be crowing this morning. you and your bandwagon crew were already counting on the cavs just folding in game 3 and 4, going down quietly in a sweep. not so. heck, you are even disrespecting the pistons by talking about a laker-celtic final. wait a minute, have you eliminated the cavs yet? no. have you eliminated the pistons yet? no, that series hasn’t even started yet (and it won’t since the cavs will win four straight). thats what the pistons did, they looked ahead to the next round thinking we wre simply going to fold for them. i notice you guys are doing the same thing, looking ahead. remember last year Bigmck? it seems very familiar, cavs go down 0-2 and instead of going down 0-3, they get a win. then they get 3 more wins and the pistons are out. now so will you. so get ready for another disappointing season. now who was bitched around? is Lebron still your bitch like one of the previous posts on this web site claimed?
    Cavs in 6