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Hey LeBron… Have Some Veal

RedsArmyAdmin May 10, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on Hey LeBron… Have Some Veal

On Thursday, we hear the "overrated" chant at the Garden.  For anyone not in the know… it came from the last series… when Deshawn Stevenson called LeBron overrated.  Jay Z responded by recording a song dissing DeShawn.  Another rapper, Proverb, responded with a diss track of his own.

And now the Celtics are involved… with a track apparently called "F— LeBron"… recorded by none other than Brian Scalabrine.  Its amazing, however, that Scal's voice sounds amazingly like JE Skeets, the man behind Yahoo's "Ball Don't Lie" blog, and The Basketball Jones…. and the "exclusive" track appears on the Basketball Jones Podcast (at the 10:30 mark.  NSFW lyrics).

Do you get it yet?  Skeets did the song.  And its funny. 

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