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LeBron’s Our Bitch

The Celtics defense against LeBron James is downright Belichick-ian. Simply put: They are in this guy's head. The King followed up his 2-18 FG, 10 TO masterpiece in Game 1 with a 6-24 FG, 7 TO beauty in Game 2. I doubt he's ever had a worse two game stretch in his life. Ray Allen came back to life with a stellar 3rd quarter. And the bench, mainly Powe, Posey and Cassell were awesome. Let's get to my astute observations:

-It's troubling to watch Big Z get just about anything he wants. He (19 pts) was a pain in the ass in the first quarter and helped propel the Cavs to an early 12 point lead.

-This game turned around when Doc made the move to his bench. Powe (11 pts, 7 reb), Posey (7 pts, 6 reb, 3 stls) and Cassell (9 pts) provided a huge spark on both ends of the floor in the 2nd quarter. Hell, even PJ Brown made some plays.

-The Celtics do a great job of defending the perimeter passing lane. It appeard they baited Cleveland into making passes before jumping in for the steal.

-Paul Pierce (19 pts, 6 reb) nearly had his arm removed in what was the worst non-call in the history of basketball. This injustice practically killed Tommy Heinsohn. Everytime LeBron got a phantom foul call, Tommy whined the refs were taking care of "His Majesty." It was classic.

-Another priceless Heinsohn quote came when Joe Smith took a shot in the thigh: "The doctor almost made him cough on that one."

-The Garden crowd actually had the balls to chant "Over-rated" to LeBron.

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  • Danno

    SacKing, you’re a complete fucking idiot.
    Just had to get that out of the way, because after Game 3, I doubt you’ll be coming back here.

  • SacKing

    no, i wasn’t talking about combined point totals. i was atalking about a single game total of 55 points. game 3 total. he will dominate for sure. dont compare the King to iverson, iverson got eliminated in first round without a single win. so dont compare to him. Lebron will dominate for the rest of the series.
    Cavs in 6

  • Yes… SacKing is right… LeBron could run his combined point total to 55 in Game 3.
    So he’s at 33 now…. so he’s due for 22 points on…. oh… 7 for 29 shooting?
    He’s putting up Iverson-like shooting percentages.

  • nate

    Yeah, it’s very professional when the national announcers can’t pronounce brain busters like ‘Rajon’ or ‘Kendrick’.. aside from even having any knowledge of what role they’ve played over the last 70 games.

  • zippittyay

    Did I really hear Tommy say “Jesus Crap” after one of them phantom calls for LeBron?

  • SacKing….Where are you? SacKing….Where are you? SacKing….Where are you?

  • Alex

    Have to agree. The game is just better to watch when Mike and Tommy are calling it. I just wish I had the option of watching on Comcast for the rest of the playoffs. I think they do less and less games as it goes along. The national TV guys bother me. They don’t seem to know the players very well.

  • Damn Man

    couldn’t have said it better myself! it kills me every time i have to listen to anyone else other than mike and tommy. they’re the best.

  • Josh In Tampa

    I too wish I could be hearing the game called by the greatest announcing team in NBA history: Mike and Tommy. After a season of getting to hear the C’s broadcast on 60% of the games via NBA League Pass, I get mad seeing Tommy sitting there during the national broadcasts knowing he is going crazy in the way that I love. Sometimes it sucks being an out of area fan.

  • another tim.

    i’m sure sacKing will be back tomorrow saying cavs in 6.
    soon it will be “cavs in 8”

  • Sam

    How long before, Sam-I-am is no longer a back up? I love Rondo, but he really looked green(and not the good kind) in the first quarter. Cassel is just a more disciplined, savvy (sneaky even player). Plus he knocks the J’s that Rondo doesn’t.

  • Mike

    Sounded like a small segment of the crowd was drunk enough to chant “overrated”. Learn from the Wizards, nothing good can come of it. It’s not true anyway, even if His Majesty gets more than his share of calls.

  • William

    I’d like to hear “Over-rated” at the end of the deciding game with the Cs up big, and not before.
    Not that I don’t think it’s true, but it’s not a good thing to chant anyway. If he’s overrated it’s because of the media, and it’s not LeBron’s fault (unless he has an inflated sense of his own abilities).
    I wish I could hear Heinsohn’s commentary, Jackson and Van Gundy didn’t do Pierce’s non-call credit (actually two non-calls on fouls occurring almost simultaneously…). “His Majesty,” I like it.

  • SacKing

    wow, i didn’t know celtic fans were so backward. didnt they ever teach you to attack a persons argument, not the person. bad Danno, bad. i will be back after game 3 because we will have a win. and if there is that .00000000001% chance that the cavs lose the series, i still like our chances better than yours in years to come. Lebron will be one year more wiser, so he will be destroying the celts for the next decade. so i am not concerned. the big three will be washed up, Lebron will be in his prime, it will be goodbye for the celts. 20 more years of no championsihp.
    Cavs in 6

  • Danno

    20 points from Wally means Wally is being a glory hungry ball hog, jacking 3’s when the shot clock is still at 19. It means he went 6 for 24 from the floor because Lebron isn’t getting it done, AGAIN.
    He’ll keep doing this to kill his team, just like he did in Boston last year, and just like he did in Minnesota until KG ran him out of town for keeping his team from being a contender.
    Wally sucks, he’s a loudmouthed prick, and he lost his touch outside 3 season ago when his ankles turned to paper mache’.
    What’s he going to do, drop “Magnum” on us? Fucking Derek Zoolander of the NBA and his “I’m a turnstile” defense can kiss my Celtic Loving ass. That guy sucks.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    That is perfect…Wally SZoolander, LMFAO!
    SacKing, are you a Cavs fan or Lebron fan? You can’t be both when he is in his prime playing at MSG. Look, I like LeBron (I have too as a Kobe hater), but the Cavs suck and they can’t beat the Celtics this year or next year. BUH-BYE