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Don’t Change A Thing

RedsArmyAdmin May 9, 2008 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Boston fans are great.  LeBron has a bad night?  No problem… have a seat in our front row and we'll make sure there's at least one happy ending to your night.  Welcome to Massachusetts, buddy.

LeBron James WILL hit his shots again.  We all know that.  Right now.. they're backing off of him… daring him to shoot the J.  Maybe he's pressing… maybe he's nervous… maybe he's just off.  But you HAVE to expect that LeBron is going to turn it on at home.  And even when he does… please Celtics… don't change a thing. 

I don't care if he starts bombing away.  I don't care if he hits 10 in a row.  Let him hit his jumpers.  I'm really not worried about how the rest of the team does when LeBron is hitting… because most of their offense is coming off LeBron's misses and broken plays anyway.  There's no chance of Zydrunas KGB goes for 20 if LeBron is hitting jumpers.  But the whole Cav's team will start to click if 'Bron is living in the middle of the paint with time to make decisions. 

I have one question about LeBron… and I'll see if the the WaitingForNextYear.com guys have an answer for this.  Why not post him up?  He's spent 2 games getting swarmed, banged, dropped and confused on the perimeter.  He's got a power forward's frame.  He's ridiculously quick.  He knows how to finish and pass…. it just makes sense to me.  His outside shot is off… he can't penetrate…. so instead of making him dribble by everyone to get 4 feet from the hoop… why not let Delonte bring the ball up, make 2 passes and then GIVE him the ball 4 feet from the hoop?  Let's hope Mike Brown doesn't get that message.  Hey Brown… you keep doing what you're doing too.  It's working great!

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