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Crazy Lakers Fan Takes On KG

You remember this whack-job… he did the "Prince" Kobe song.  Its a take-off on those Volkswagen ads.  If you haven't seen them… here's the one with Heidi Klum.  There's also one where Bob Knight throws a chair.

Seriously though… I know we've still got, like, 8 series left to play before we get to the Lakers… but LA Fans should just take a little note:  We're twisting LeBron James into pretzels here in Boston.  You can't stop a blind girl scout troupe from scoring 100 in a game.  We're holding the Cavs to 12 point quarters. 

Defense…. Wins….  Championships

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  • Wow…
    That DOES make us look bad lol.

  • Lakerhater

    Is that Turiaf talking to the VW?

  • lol…
    How’d that series with Atlanta go again? Geez, but you folk have short memories! 😉

  • marie rose

    you dirty celtic fans just shut the fup you are all pathetic. You hated the lakers so much. Just get a life. This entire ball game is all fixed. The referees were not calling nothing on the celtics so they can do their dirty runs. You are all freaks.