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RedsArmyAdmin May 8, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on Quick Links

Running a bit late.. but here are some links.  Stay tuned for more of our "chatting with the enemy" today.  Plus… Chuck reveals a deep secret from his past, I bench press a Buick, and we force-feed one of the Cleveland Cavaliers week-old egg salad.  I won't say who… but his name rhymes with JeBron Lames. 

Herald: Celts Perk up on D   |  Celtics need return of team offense  |  Rondo avoids pressure point  |  LeBron gives testament  |  King-sized task awaits  |  Cavs find "Ticket" hard to get  |  LeBron has history of rebounding from bad games  |  Cavs fail to follow formula on offense 

Globe:  Point system Other than KG, off-target 3  |  Rough time dealing with flagrant  |  Pistons lose Billups 


Plain Dealer: Posey wreaking havoc  |  Don't expect a repeat from Cavs  |  Offense needs a tune up  |  Eagle Tribune:  Shades of Red  |  Daughter:  Red would have loved this season  |  ESPN:  Stern will review hack-a-Shaq, clock issues  |  Pistons lose

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