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Detroit Fans Fear Us

As I was researching the Chauncey Billups injury, I had a startling revelation. Pistons fans don't think their team is good enough to beat the Celtics and win the NBA title. Here are some of the comments I found on the Detroit Free Press web site:

Rip's turnovers are maddening. Got to give the Magic credit for a fine game. I stand by my prediction that Boston will beat the Pistons in 4 or 5 games in the conference finals; but hope I'm wrong.

Teams that win championships have 3 things. 1) inside presence, low post scoring. 2) good team defense. 3) quality coaching. The Pistons have none of these. Billups injury was the final nail in this years playoff coffin.

I'm with you on the Rip thing. He takes a ton of bad shots and kills the team on consecutive defensive / offensive possessions. Trade forthcoming for Arenas or another talented 2 guard.

Not good. The Pistons can scrape two more games from Orlando without Chauncey, but they'll fall short against Boston, Cleveland, or the Lakers (who look like they could be coming out of the West)

This team does not deserve to win a championship. They take too many games off.

I bet Chauncey's injury will be this year's excuse when the Pistons get bounced from the playoffs. Every year, Piston slappies blame something or someone. The fact is, they are overrated and will never make it to the Finals. They are too calm, too inconsistent, too lazy, and Sheed needs to bring more of his game to the court and less of his mouth. They get no respect from the media because they don't deserve it. They are the NBA's resident underachievers and no team is scared of them because of it…

Except for the Boston media, I think most Celtics fans remain confident the team can get to the finals and win it. I thought Detroit would be our toughest obstacle…but maybe not.

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  • Jon

    Can we please beat Cleveland 1st before we start talking about Detroit?

  • Jim

    Don’t even bring up Isiah! It sucks to see such a great basketball player ruin everything he did on the court by becoming a complete douche bag.

  • Danno

    SacKing, here’s what happened, in a nutshell after the 1986 season. when we last won a Championship.
    1986 – Len Bias “the future of the franchise” died before ever playing a game. He would have made LeBron James shit himself on a nightly basis if they ever played each other.
    1992 – Larry retired.
    1993 Reggie Lewis, then Captain of the Celtics, died of a heart attack at practice.
    1997 – Rick Pitino came in and made a bunch of stupid gambles, and ruined the remaining decency the team had.
    2001 – Danny Ainge came back to right the ship and build up a core young players he used to trade for the team we have now.
    So what’s Cleveland’s excuse for never winning anything, even though they’ve had the “Best Player in the NBA” for 5 years?