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Game 1 MVP’s: Pierce / Posey

James Posey

Let's get one thing straight right away:  KG was a monster that shut a lot of people up.  He carried the team offensively, and he drove hard the hoop for what turned out to be a game winning layup.  Awesome game for KG… and that aggressiveness should scare Cavs fans.

But I want to make sure that the defensive effort on LeBron isn't lost… especially since the national media will be swinging from LeBron's sack… declaring that something must have been "off" with LeBron's game.  Yeah… he might have missed a couple of shots he normally makes… but the real story was that Paul Pierce and James Posey smothered him all night long. 

I'll go so far as to say I will gladly sacrifice Paul Pierce's offensive numbers if it means he plays LeBron like that for the rest of the series.  He sacrificed his body and took two huge charges.  He forced LeBron into a number of turnovers… including a crucial travelling call late in the game.  Both Posey and Pierce kept LeBron in front of them for most of the game… and forced him to shoot (and miss) jumpers.  It was a great defensive effort last night… and I want to make sure its known out there that the Celtics defense threw LeBron off.

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Boston Globe Photo / Jim Davis

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  • Dave

    That’s exactly what I needed from KG to restore my confidence. WHEW
    (Although I won’t be 100% untill I see him on the road).