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The Celtics Speak

A little something for our West Coast readers…. or those of you who are up late out here.  WBZ TV was at practice.  Here are a few clips:

Doc Rivers on Posey's Role (wait… did someone ask him about  my crazy idea about starting Pose?)

KG on LeBron

Ray Allen on team Camaraderie

Rondo, Pierce on facing Cavs

Rondo says he's fine after hard foul

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  • SacKing

    King James is gonna drop a 50 point game, a couple triple doubles, a couple 40 point games and lead the Cavs to the Eastern Finals. The Celt’s have no killer instinct, and I don’t care how good anybody plays D at their House Lebron takes over in the playoffs like MJ. Ask the Pistons about Bron in the Playoffs. If his shooters are on he will carve up Boston, if his shooters aren’t on he can put the team on his back and go off for 55. Joe Johnson is good, but he’s no Lebron, so imagine what Lebron is gonna do! Another dissapointing season in the history books for KG, Allen, and the gang BLEEPin Boston Blood.
    Cavs in 5

  • yeah… LeBron is going to average 55 in the series… although that’s pretty much impossible.
    I’ve got 3 words for you haters.

  • ssshady35

    Lebron james meet James Posey!! Posey has a ring and he knows what time it is. The C’s did not make the last minute moves just to look pretty. Ya it might go seven again but the new season has begun. The C’s just wanted some extra games to get ready for the playoffs that’s why they “let” the Hawks play so many games, you see what they did to them in game seven!! Boston is playing the D that Detroit played a couple years ago when they won it all. So this is OUR year, bring on Fony I mean Kobe bring on Queen James and anybody else you want to fail because this is the year Boston brings banner 17 to the rafters. Enjoy, all you HATERS this is the BOSTON CELTICS. 66-16

  • boston strangler

    Damn… if I only had one guy who could actually play basketball in my team, I’d just shut up about it… but these guys actually think they have a chance…
    Lebron can’t do it all, especially not against this defense.

  • Fack!!!
    The Celdicks talk non-sensible things!!!
    Just shut your mouth and be ready to be swept by the Cavs.

  • Dave

    I tried to like LeBron, I really did. (My girl is from Cleveland so I encouraged to follow a hometown team, I figured the Cavs were perfect, because of LeBron). But 1 of 2 things happens every time he possesses the ball: 1. he’s fouled. Or 2. he cries about a foul not being called. That ain’t how a superstar should get down. He just comes off as a whiney bitch.

  • Danno

    LeBron is a big giant pussy. Crying about getting hit in the playoffs. Whining about too many fouls. Yelling at his teammates when they don’t do exactly what he wants.
    This guy is the biggest douchebag in Pro Sports. The very definition of “Clubhouse Cancer”.
    And he is – just as Washington reminded everyone – OVER-RATED. What good is a Triple Double when you always come up short when it counts?
    A-Rod anyone?
    He’s a great STATISTICAL individual player, but he makes everyone on his team worse because of his attitude and his ego. Actual NBA players don’t respect him as much as the sponsers and TV announcers do. He’s a crybaby bitch.
    And he won’t beat Boston. He barely got out of Washington, WITHOUT Gilbert Arenas playing. KG and Posey will wreck him. Rondo will make Delonte Wish he’d tried harder while still in Boston. Perk is going to eat Ben Wallace for Breakfast. And Pierce is going to torch everyone.
    Not to mention – Lebron has no support this year. Last year, most of the reason for their success was timely outside shooting from Drew Gooden and Donyell Marshall. So what did they do about that? They PANIC traded them for an Over the Hill Ben Wallace, “Paper Ankles” Wally Sceczerbiak, and Delonte “Not tonight honey I have a backache” West.
    Yeah. Good work, Mr. Cleveland General Manager. Take a top seeded team who won the East last year with great potential, and make them a lower seeded team with no future and a frustrated superstar with no good supporting cast.
    Celtics in 5. Lebron Might get 1 game at home. Maybe.