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Memo To Pierce: Attack LeBron

paul pierce and lebron jamesSometimes… the best defense is a great offense.  And maybe the best way Paul Pierce can defend LeBron James is by going at him on the offensive end.

By attacking LeBron, Paul will do one of 2 things.  He'll either force LeBron to expend more energy than he wants on the defensive end… or LeBron will resort to some ole' defense… and Pierce can maybe cancel him out in the scoring column.

If LeBron wants to D Pierce up… then run him off a few screens… make him chase Paul a little… and then Paul needs to attack the basket.  If we're lucky… we'll get a 3rd outcome… and LeBron will pick up some early fouls and will have to sit.  Either way… wearing him out on that end of the floor will make him more willing to settle for jumpers on his end of the floor.  And hey…. that's fine with me.  If LeBron is scoring 30 on jumpers… then the Celtics will win by double digits… because that means the rest of the Cavs aren't benefiting by a drive and dish.  LeBron won't pull rebounders out of position… thus minimizing the threat of them grabbing offensive boards.  It will be harder for the rest of the team to score.

If LeBron lets Pierce go… then Pierce becomes the slasher and distributor.  We saw him do that in game 5 against the Hawks.  That's when he's at his best.  If Pierce has 25 and LeBron has 35… I'll take it.  Because I think the rest of the Celtics can beat the rest of the Cavs by more than 10. 

So Paul… go right at LeBron.  Make him play both ends of the floor.  Because attacking him might be the best way to offset him.

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  • William

    I don’t want to take credit for an admittedly obvious strategy, but this post is basically what I said in a comment yesterday on “Crazy Thought: Start Posey”
    “On the [offensive] end, tell Pierce to attack LeBron early and often, either the King will step aside and let Pierce score, or he’ll commit a foul.
    He can’t hurt us when he’s on the bench.”

  • Tom

    I agree 100%. In most cases, Pierce has played well when we have beaten top tier teams, and he has KILLED us when we lose. This has been the case for most of the season and it was no exception against Atlanta. He has become the X-factor, which is what he has always been. Not the franchise.
    Let’s get it done Pierce. This is the series that we will need him the most. No way Ray Allen can guard #23.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    How about this? Memo to Pierce: ATTACK.
    I love the idea of getting LeBron tired or on the bench, BUT no matter who is guarding him, attack the basket. It will lead to more free-throws and layups/dunks, draw double-teams and leave more open teamates, and improve your jumper knowing your defender is on his heels.
    AND how about this….Memo to the Team: ATTACK. The Celts need to get that aggressive, destroy your opponent mindset back. In my opinion, every player on the Celtics have a mismatch on the offensive end.

  • Lakerhater

    Pauly needs to play his game. Slash to the rim even thought the refs would have to call stern and ask permission to call the block on Lebron, the worst case is Z or wallace will slide over late and get tagged for the foul either way play your game Pauly and we get a W.