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I Want to Blame the Refs But….


I just can't. And spare me any and all statistics. My eyes tell me the Celtics are playing like crap. Where's the killer instinct, the eye of the tiger? The Celtics took the lead 89-86 with about 8 minutes left, but what transpired over the final minutes left me embarassed to have believed this was/is a championship caliber team. They collectively shit their pants. Some examples:

-KG had two hideous passes which resulted in turnovers and a third which should have been. He looked scared.

-Pierce has no composure. Whether he's elbowing Jamal Tinsley in 2005, running halfway down the court to flash some sort of gang hand gesture to Al Horford, or throwing down his headband and getting a crucial technical foul with the game on the line – he finds a way to implode.

-Ray Allen's 3-pt heave with 13 seconds left was the worst shot selection I've seen all season. He was not open, there was plenty of time left and there was no need for a three. Guess Ray-Ray wanted to be the hero. He seems to think it was a good shot.

With that said, I am 100% confident the Celtics will beat the Hawks in Game 7. (Tickets go on sale at 11 a.m.) But I no longer consider them to be the favorite to win the championship. Right now, they might be the 6th best team left in the playoffs.

And now I've just learned Kobe Bryant has won the MVP award. Anyone else want to piss in my cereal?

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  • Ha…look who crawled out of the woodwork. The rapist is getting the MVP…you must be proud. The No-D Lakers have zero chance of winning the championship. Zero…

  • inferno

    C’mon…that’s old news…he and OJ did NOTHING wrong…Woodwork? Are you referring to the old floor at the Garden? That’s not coming back and neither are any championships…As for no D…I’ll take young legs and fresh talent over old , creaky has-beens led by a fringe player/ remote-control coach…Hey…can you hear it…that’s the sound of 5 straight rings marching towards the Forum…

  • Juan

    I’m sorry Laker fans, but I don’t see the Lakers making it out of the Western Conference. Utah will probably take the Lakers to 6 or 7. I could see the Lakers winning that series, but I don’t see them beating the Spurs. The Spurs have another gear that they go to in the playoffs, and I don’t think the Lakers have got that gear because they don’t have enough playoff experience together. Plus Kobe will not be able to take over games with Bruce Bowen defending him. So unless Odom goes nuts in the Playoffs, I see the Lakers struggling to win against the Spurs. So before you start making championship predictions, pray that your team wins its conference. I know I’m praying for my team to win their conference.

  • LOLFuckboston

    hey levi, you hoe, you also forget we are the only franchise to win in your filyhy building. FUCK YOU. YOU LOOK UP SOME SHIT

  • Aingelives

    What are you guys like 12- the Lakers hopes of making it deep into the playoffs died when bynum was shelfed for the season. To soft under the boards mean Jazz in 7. Congs to Kobe he should have won it last year the NBA is always behind on that award- this year it should have went to Lebron or Paul with the edge to CP.

  • Rick

    Dude, the Celtics are lucky they aren’t in the west. They’d be eliminated in the first round. Only the Celtics get so lucky.

  • Ben-T

    In Boston, the Celtics look like the team we watched all year. In Atlanta, it is totally different. They got road wins during playoff intensity games all season long (down by 22 to San Antonio, snapping Houston’s win streak, beating the Lakers in the Staples Center). Therefore, I think it is more likely that this is a “Can’t win in Atlanta” thing, not a “Can’t win on the road” thing.
    Celtics win game 7 then beat the Cavs in 6. I am not worried.
    The Lakers will lose to Utah in the semi-finals. If they do make the finals, the Celtics will not have a lot of trouble against them. Pau is still soft, KG will destroy him. Paul Pierce has huge numbers in LA, and the Lakers aren’t winning in Boston.
    Celtics over Lakers in 5, in the unlikely event LA even makes it through the second round.

  • Ajay

    key phrase on what you said juan “I know I’m praying for my team to win their conference.” See over here in LA we know if our team is going or not to the finals and please home we got our conference on LOCK UTAH IS OVERRATEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, HORNETS NO D, SPURS ARE OLD AND CAN’T PLAY AN UP TEMPO GAME WITH THE LAKERS IF WE CHOSE TO PLAY THAT STYLE LAKERS R GOING ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR