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Game 7

RedsArmyAdmin May 3, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Game 7

The Celtics choked in the 4th quarter. Period. KG, Ray Allen and everyone in green is to blame. They played like a bunch of bitches in the last 5 minutes. I need to step away from my computer before I smash something…

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  • AHAHAHAH you faggots took atlanta so lightly and now your in deep shit. ahaha celtics champions? no way in hell. Atlanta wins game 7 motherf***ers. OH and red, ill piss in your cereal if you want me too cause KOBE JELLYBEAN BRYANT WON MVP. AND IF YOU GUYS CAN BARELY BEAT THE ATLANTA HAWKS, WE CAN BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOU

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We all feel your pain. I myself actually said out loud “I’m going to punch something”, with about 4 minutes left to play (my girlfriend and her cat quietly left the room). It’s so frustrating/embarrasing watching them slowly self-destruct.
    SO, I will drown my sorrows tonight, and wake up knowing that we are crushing them at home by an average of 20+ points this series, and we are due a few makeup calls too.
    I’m afraid the rest of the playoffs are going to be a bumpy ride, but I’m on board-always have been, ALWAYS WILL

  • Levi

    Don’t worry guys. It might sound cliche, but records don’t matter in the playoffs. The Hawks match up well against us. We’ll get it done in Game 7.

  • Chris

    Pachullia is a douche! I hate him.