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Exhibit B

RedsArmyAdmin May 3, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Exhibit B

This is the play on which Paul Pierce fouled out.  It happens right at the beginning of the clip, at the other side of the lane. 

I think the best part is… I'm not sure Pachulia even realized he drew the foul. 

Horrible… horrible call.  I'm willing to bet that happens on every play in the NBA.  That, to me, was such a non-call… it makes me think they were looking for a reason to call something on Pierce.


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  • G4L

    Doc made a great point when he said “if it was an off ball foul why did the basket count? It can’t be both.”

  • It’s not a good call–I don’t think Pierce actually impeded Zaza in any way–but I don’t think you can have THAT many complaints when you wrap BOTH hands around your opponent’s waist as a shot goes up. Plus: if Pierce is correctly called for an offensive foul as he bowls over Smith on that one drive earlier in the game, he might have been long gone by this point. Same argument applies to the early foul drawn by Horford: yeah, it should have been a jumpball, but just moments later Horford was whistled for an obviously clean block on Garnett.
    The bottom line is that the calls evened out for the most part, and even if they slightly tilted in Atlanta’s favor in this game, rest assured that Hawks fans thought they tilted in the C’s favor in Game 5 and most likely will again in Game 7. In short: quit yer bellyachin’.

  • DetroitD

    Paul Pierce Is A Bitch ..Straight Up…That Dude Is Garbage..He Can’t Do Anything By Himself… A N Y T H I N G ! ! !Punk Ass Pierce

  • dicky

    Garnett is the tallest man on the floor and is never within three feet of the basket at anytime. He needs to lose the fade away, lose the pass first mentality, grow some stones and take it to the rack. The more he and Pierce take it inside and draw contact the easier it will be to score inside later in the game when the Hawks are in foul trouble.
    Re: the officiating The touch fouls against Ray Allen were laughable but the play with Pierce was the final proof of the tilt. That isn’t a call you make with a few minutes left in a deciding game 6.