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Exhibit A

RedsArmyAdmin May 3, 2008 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Exhibit A

NBA referees are the worst officials in sports… even worse than MLB umpires and their magically shifting strike zones. 

When you watch this video… please explain to me what the hell Sam Cassell did to get a technical.  The "double tech" rule in the NBA is horsecrap.

For more of my anti-referee rantings… go to the game discussion in our forums.  I'm disgusted by what I saw.  Don't get me started on Paul Pierce's 6th foul.

Thanks to Odenized for the video

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  • bryan

    You could clearly see that Cassell pushed his arm away. Don’t be biased.

  • Ajay

    Damn u again Levi plz ur a typical Boston fan who get mad when a freaking stupid coach and overhyped “Big Three” can’t deliever on bringing a title to beantown Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have disapperead. KG is steppin up for da team.and u guys were talking MVP considsration for Paul plz Paul not even up to Lebron James statue nor CP3. Boston JUST SUCKS PERIOD

  • William

    Johnson pushed Powe, Posey and Cassell, Cassell was walking to his bench. They got the same punishment.
    Wait, was tonight’s game in Atlanta?
    We got home-jobbed really badly, all game.

  • ShooterMcGavin

    i missed tonights game
    but did the hawks really shoot 47 free throws?

  • Ray sucked tonight… no doubt. But there’s no way I’m letting the refs off the hook. They fouled Paul Pierce out on some bullshit. I’m hot over this… and I will be for a while.

  • Pat

    Ray Allen and Doc Rivers are so much more to blame for this than the referees are

  • Tim (FD)

    They should have gotten the same treatment. NEITHER SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A TECHNICAL. The NBA needs to relax on all these technicals, fines, and suspensions. The stakes are as high as can be in the playoffs, and players have should be allowed to react. If this keeps up, players are going to stop playing with emotion and the league can suck on that boring brand of basketball for the next 10 years.