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Ray Allen’s OCD

RedsArmyAdmin May 2, 2008 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Ray Allen’s OCD

We posted this like a few days ago from the Globe… but in case you missed it… I'd like to highlight the wild OCD that comes with being Ray Allen.  I'd also like to sum it up… but I'm already 10 mint juleps into my day (I'm practicing for the Derby.  5 more and I'm laying my government stimulus check on a horse I've never heard of).  Lucky for us… our buddies at Don Chavez have already done it for us.

You know… I think there has to be some level of OCD that goes alone with becoming a star pro athlete.  Plenty of guys have the talent… but we always hear about the crazy stories of hours and hours in the gym from the superstars.  They have bizarre rituals that they have to do every day.  Non-OCD people don't care about the things that OCD athletes care about… and those little things ultimately make them great. 

Like me with blogging.  I can't write a post without having 3 boilermakers.  And then after each post is done… I kill a hobo.  That's just me. 

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  • jester00

    I’m drinking as well getting ready to head to the Beach…..bet the farm on Big Brown even though I like name Court Vision C’s by 12 Happy drinking