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Peter Vecsey Sucks

Peter Vecsey is the Isiah Thomas of sports journalism.

Today… he ran a story about Derrick Coleman needing a heart transplant.  It sent the internet abuzz.  People were starting to almost write eulogies for the guy.  But here's the thing.

The story isn't true.

Which makes story 1,398 that Vescey as gotten wrong.  Yet… he continues to get paid a ton more than I do. 

The good thing in all of this, however, is that I get to make the obvious jokes about Derrick Coleman and his heart:

"…. heart transplant?  Doesn't he need a heart first?"

"….. heart transplant?  He could have used that when he played"

"…. heart transplatn?  How about a heart implant?"

Get where I'm going with this?  He played with no heart.  In fact… I'd go so far as to say Coleman is the biggest non-injury waste of talent in NBA history.  He was good… but he could have been one of the best power forwards ever.. except he had no heart. 

Hey… ripping two douchebags in one post… AWESOME!

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  • in the same week buzz bizzinger rips on blogs and defends journalists, a journalist makes up a story…
    how ironic

  • Well DUH!