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Paul Pierce Commercials

My blatant attempts to get free stuff from big corporations by posting their commercials haven't gone well… but I think that's because I'm not trying hard enough.

So this isn't just one Paul Pierce commercials… its an entire Paul Pierce Nike ad campaign.  Its all set on the outdoor courts of Inglewood.  The end of the first ad gives Nike's Korean website so it must have run (or is currently running) there.

One note to Korea:  You need to step up your game on Red's Army.  You're currently 21st on the list of 57 countries that have Red's Army readers.  Taiwan is smoking you… and The Philippines… well… the Philippines has the second most readers in the world (seriously).  C'Mon Korea… you make so much of my stuff… the least you can do is spread the Celtics gospel from the Red's Army Bible. 

And NIke:  size 14, please (in case you forgot).

(By the way… I know I can't be the only one that wants to fight someone when I hear those Nike Sparq Training Ads.  Well… Here's the music.  "I've got a list of demands…. written on the palm of my hands…")

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  • boston strangler

    Just checking in from Israel to tell you how smart Ainge is for not signing Esteban Batista (remember him?)
    Maccabi Tel Aviv just advanced to the Euroleague Final Four… and the way he played tonight, I don’t think he should expect to see much minutes in the Finals… he looked completely lost every time he had the ball.

  • How can I forget ESTEBAN! I knew there was a reason why he was cut.
    That’s awesome that you’re in Israel. Israel… by the way… is in a dogfight with Canada for 5th most readers.
    The rankings are: 1: USA, 2: Phillippines, 3: Poland (yeah, Poland), 4: Canada, 5: Israel.

  • Dave

    If you’re interested, the song is by Saul Williams, and it’s called “List of Demands.” Good tune to get amped up on before the gym or a game.
    The song is about wanting reparations, which is pretty funny since it’s being used to promote a big corp.

  • Raichu

    Well, in the Philippines (yes, the Land of 6’6 Centers and 6’4 PFs), basketball (and the NBA) is a religion. And we really have a strong Celtics following here. Pierce came here twice and KG is expected to visit next year.