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Pierce Is Pissed

RedsArmyAdmin May 1, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Pierce Is Pissed

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For basketball players… the court can be a sanctuary.  Distractions of the outside world melt away when the ball goes up… and few players have had to deal with more of a distraction than Paul Pierce… with all the hand-jive lunacy of the past few days.  Making it worse was the fact that Paul was shooting somewhere in the 20% range from inside the 3 point line in games 1-4. 

So there Paul Pierce was… before game 5… casually strolling out onto the court as the jumbo-tron boomed with KG's yell… and the pyrotechnics filled the air… and the rest of the starters sat on the bench.  Everyone did their normal pregame thing when their names were called…. except Pierce.  No hand signals.  No low fives.  He just stood there at the end of the line… where he had been since before the first name was called.  When his name was announced… he just took the warm-ups off… and went to work.

What followed was a 10-17 shooting performance… punctuated by spin move after spin move.  He grabbed 7 big rebounds… took charges (including some that weren't called).  He passed (6 assists)… and by the time Gino started dancing… he was smiling again.  He left without talking to the media… content to let the game speak for itself. 

It's nice to see the aggressive, slashing, do-it-all Paul Pierce back.  This was the type of game that made us think in March "You know… you can really make a case that Pierce should be the MVP."  I know KG gets the loudest "MVP" chants at the Garden… but we need game 5 Pierce every night.  If he shows up in game 6… you can put the Celtics down as winning the first round in 5-and-a-half games.

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  • Tim (FD)

    John Hollinger LOVES the Celtics.

  • Alex

    I can’t blame him for being pissed. There are so many “fans” and media that are so quick to jump all over him all the time. I wouldn’t blame him if he pulled a MANNY and refused to talk. Why does no one else seem to be more bothered by what David Ortiz did. Encouraging that dirtbag (Al Horford) cheap-shot artist and basically telling him he hopes the Hawks win really sucks. The fact that he does this right before a big game 5 is grounds for banning him from the fleetcenter. I hope if he shows up to another game in a Celtics shirt he gets booed out of the building. I know it won’t happen, but imagine what people would say about Pierce if he showed up at Fenway in October and had the same kind of meeting with Joba Chamberlain or Derek Jeter.
    Anyway, great game by Pierce . Time to finish these guys off. Celts need to beware of Ortiz’ boys trying to injure our players though. Especially if the game gets out of hand. The Hawks were all crying and getting Techs last night. Might be worse tomorrow.