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Now That’s More Like It

paul pierce

Sorry for the late post-game recap… but Chuck and I were immersed in the luxury suite experience.  Free food… free beer… great game… it was very nice.  And I must say… the concubines were a nice touch.  They're really stepping up their customer service efforts. 

I hope everyone can calm the hell down now that the Celtics got back to doing what they do:  Paul Pierce driving to the hoop… stifling D… and a steady pressure that ultimately leads to a blowout final score.  Yes, it did get tight there in the 3rd quarter… when the team came out a little soft.  And yes, I got some butterflies when the referees decided they wanted some of the spotlight in the 4th quarter.  But unlike games 3 and 4… the Celtics slowed things down when the Hawks made a run… and got a good shot off. 

Welcome back, Celtics. 

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  • ssshady35

    I was not able to catch the game last night but the only question I have is why does cassell get more min than House? I really think house would make more sence in this series. I know Cassell is a Vet but I think Doc should increase Houses min for the game in ATL. I did see that it was a blow out but I hope they can take that to ATL and end the series. Good luck on Friday guys.

  • I’ve been all for benching Sam… but he played out of his mind in this game. I think this game had people saying “this is why you got Sam Cassell”