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$25 K Please… Mr. Mayor

Either Boston Mayor Tom Menino has run off to Inglewood to join the Bloods (along with all the Bostonians in that picture)… or the NBA owes Paul Pierce a refund.  This 2005 photo comes from the Boston Herald:

The mayor was snapped doing the three-finger salute at the 2005 Boston Hip-Hop festival with the guys from Special Teamz: Slaine, Edo G, Jaysaun, and DJ JayCeeOh. But we don’t think the mayor has gone off and joined the Crips or the Piru Blood either.

“I think he thought he was speaking in Italian,” said Menino’s spokesgal Dot Joyce. “Either that or he was making shadow puppets.”

Paul Pierce, by the way, made a statement on his little gesture… and now the story is done…. right?  I mean… if the Mayor throwing B's up isn't the ridiculous cherry on this absurd sundae… then I don't know what is.

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  • gerry mcvey

    The $25K fine to Paul Pierce for making a “menacing gesture” and perhaps evoking some curse from the Inglewood “hood” is outrageous. I always thought that the sign was universally recognized from its use in the Space industry meaning “A-OK”. However, in 1971 I learned to my great embarassment that it had a different meaning in Brazil and perhaps in other Latin American countries when I used the gesture to answer a “thumbs up” sign from the President of Sao Paulo University for a presentation I had just given. The man turned white and dropped his drink. I found out later that the local interpretation of the symbol was for an insult word meaning an orifice in the buttocks. Fortunately I had an opportunity to mend that fence later on in the conference. After seeing the videotape of Pierce’s response I believe he was making a non-verbal judgement as to the quality or lack of same represented by the Hawk player who caused the infraction. And as such, I don’t think that this was a fineable offense. As far as determining what was in Mayor Menino’s mind when he flashed that same sign in 2005, it would take someone braver and more astute than I to undertake that courageous venture.