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Pressure’s On, Doc

RedsArmyAdmin April 30, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Pressure’s On, Doc

This is completely wild speculation based on a scenario that I don't believe will transpire….

But…. I'm a jerk… so here goes….

IF the Celtics happen to lose to the Hawks here…. would anyone be the least bit surprised to see Mike D'Antoni coaching the Celtics next year?  I mean… there's no way Doc would survive a first round exit (even though it wouldn't be entirely his fault)…. and D'Antoni has had reasonable success with a style Danny Ainge likes in a much tougher conference that just so happened to include Tim Duncan every year. 

Now… I fully expect the C's to not only win this series… but also to win it all…. so I think the point is moot.  But since D'Antoni will be out there… I wouldn't be surprised if Danny's thinking about "all the possibilites" that exist for the Celtics.

There… I said it.  We may now resume focusing on the Hawks. 

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  • PxFunk

    I would expect that if the C’s make an early departure (anything short of the NBA finals) that Docs seat would be getting warm…But I dont see D’Antoni as a candidate for the job. Tom Thibodeau would be my choice, and I gotta believe he will be getting head coaching offers in the offseason. I like Doc, but TT seems to be the man with the plan defensively – and thats what we need to win another ring.

  • bigmck

    So you rip Gerry Callahan for his panic attack with the Celtics…and then you post “What if Doc Gets Fired?”
    TT might not be head-coaching material…you need more than just defensive X and Os. Had anyone heard of the guy before this year?
    With an aging KG, PP and Ray…I’m not sure how much running they will be doing in the next few years.

  • Jp

    If D’Antoni can lose his job after a first round exit, with a mid season drastic overhaul, there is no reason for Doc to keep his job if (gasp) there is a first round defeat for the Celts.
    As for tonight, anything less than a 20 point rout will have me on the edge of my seat for the rest of the playoffs. If Joe Johnson can go off for 20 in a quarter against us, what could Lebron do?

  • Lakerhater

    Doc seems tentative. He’s waiting too long to make in game adjustments. In game 4 he made some good moves but usually 3 minutes too late. I don’t know that there is anyone better waiting in the wings, Dantonio could never seem to get over the hump and he had a boat load of talent in PHX. Doc needs to be more decisive or we’re gonna struggle in the later rounds more than we are now. You guys that are going to the Garden tonight need to have it rockin and send the Hawks a message. Maybe Tommy H. could come back and kick a water bucket at the refs just to set the tone.

  • nate


  • Tim (FD)

    Good point Lakerhater, about the moves coming too late…. for instance, Doc finally made the switch and put Pierce on Johnson, but he did so with about 1 minute left and the game out of reach.