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Hawks: The Argument Against Tanking

I'd like to thank the Hawks for making my argument (1 year later) as to why tanking is counter-productive.  You tell me what's more productive for the Atlanta Hawks right now… going toe-to-toe and proving they can run with the Celtics in the playoffs… or sitting there hoping they get a lucky bounce with the ping-pong balls? 

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  • Levi

    Who thinks the series will end in seven? OK, how about six?

  • Lakers4life

    Um… six games with the ATL on top.

  • Celtics aren’t losing at home. And the added pressure of an elimination game will end the Hawks season.
    Let’s not forget… they have a losing record for a reason. Don’t discount the possibility that Joe Johnson will hurt his team by trying to do too much too early.
    Ultimately… Celtics have to ignore the Hawks yapping. Its like walking past a bunch of barking dogs. You can either let it freak you out… or you can just keep walking.