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This Cost Pierce $25 K

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This sign… the nature of which is up for debate… cost Paul Pierce $25,000

So what was it?  The folks over at Comcast Sports Net report that its a sign for "blood, sweat and tears".  And really… I wish I could believe them… but does anyone think that in that context, Pierce wants to relay the message "blood sweat and tears" after being taunted by Al Horford?

Danny Ainge is going to appeal… and here's hoping this is the last we hear of this.  Someone tell Paul, and all pro athletes for that matter, that you're always on camera during a game.  Every sign… every time you pretend to scratch your nose so you can pick it… everything is on camera.  Douchebags like me will analyze how you tuck in your shirt if there's video and some question about the technique.  Just watch yourself out there.     

— update–

Here's the quote about the fine from David Stern from CSN in response to the "blood sweat and tears" explanation:  "I would say my office doesn't quite buy that… and we've had interviews with various parties and we feel that fine is appropriate." 

On the appeal he said "there can be an appeal, but that appeal comes to me."

Hey Paul… pay the $25 K and end this thing… please.

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  • BigMck

    You know you’re old when you don’t know an obscene gesture when it’s flashed in your face.

  • seriously. or when you have to do a google search on “gang signs” or “inglewood bloods” to figure out what the hell people are talking about

  • Dre

    Pierce is as gangster as David Stern.

  • I am with Red on this one.
    I hope it is not true.
    I would like to have PP explain his actions.