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No Fines or Suspensions

The Celtics will have all hands on deck for Game 5 Wednesday night. The league did not hand down any suspensions or fines following last night's battle royal in Atlanta. Here's the latest from Marc Spears.

The Celtics will have no fines or suspensions stemming from a skirmish during Game 4 of their playoff series Monday night against the Hawks in Atlanta, according to an NBA official.

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett pushed referee Ed Rush off of him during the skirmish. Celtics center Kendrick Perkins and Atlanta forward Marvin Williams also stepped slightly on the playing floor from the bench.

Garnett said during today's practice he didn't think he should be suspended and Perkins expressed hope he wouldn't be. The end result is that both teams will have a full complement of players available for Game 5 in Boston Wednesday night.

Pierce flashes a "gang symbol" and gets fined $25K, but Pachulia gets off free after headbutting one of the best players of all-time. Does that make any sense?

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  • boston strangler

    Forget sense and reason… I’m just glad KG and Perkins didn’t get suspended

  • ssshady35

    I don’t know what these guys are thinking but they better get their acts together fast!! If they thought they would be able to slide into the next round with out any effort I guess they were wrong, aside from that the rest of the playoff teams are watching them and IF they make it to the next round who ever they play are going to have enormous amount of confidence playing us. STOP F-IN AROUND AND GET THE JOB DONE PLEASE!!!

  • Dave

    There was a Globe blog piece the other day that mentioned our Vets are losing thier shit while the young guys seemed to keep it together the last couple of games. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.