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They Lied To Us

RedsArmyAdmin April 27, 2008 Uncategorized 10 Comments on They Lied To Us

josh smithThe Boston Celtics told us what we wanted to hear.  During Friday's practice, they said they saw every team up 2-0 on Thursday go out and lose Thursday night to go down 2-1…. and they didn't want to be that team.  They talked about the importance of game 3. 

And it was all a bunch of lies.  They were reading from the media handbook.  They didn't really come out with any fire.  They didn't come out with a killer instinct.  They were out-hustled and out-played the whole night.  The vaunted Celtics D gave up 102 points on 47% shooting.  They were outgunned from beyond the arc… 55.6% to 35%. 

The good thing is… its the Hawks… and this is the point of the series where the Celtics realize they're bleeding their own blood.  They SHOULD use it against the Hawks Monday night.  That trash talk at the end of the game from Al Horford directed at Paul Pierce could be a problem for the Hawks too. 

KG did his best to carry the C's on offense (32 pts. 10 rebs.)  Rajon Rondo wasn't the Rondo we were creaming over during the first few games… and Mike Bibby managed 8 assists with only 2 turnovers.

Box Score Recap

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  • ssshady35

    ATL played their best game and with their home court behind them they pulled it out, nothing special.

  • Levi

    Gotta give it to the Hawks. They played a hell of a game tonight. However, anyone want to back me up on the fact that the Hawks won’t shoot 56% from 3 range, and Mike Bibby won’t have 8 assists on Monday?
    And what is with Al Horford running his mouth and shit talking like he is Allen Iverson or Ron Artest? Especially to Paul at the end. I hope Pierce schools that dumb bitch the rest of this series.

  • boston strangler

    Ah well… so instead of sweeping them, we’ll win in 5 games. And you can’t blame the C’s (too much). The Hawks were excited for their first home game in the playoffs in 9 years, and showed it. They’ll cool off by monday, but the C’s will look for revenge.

  • DAnno

    I wonder how much it cost the Hawks ownership to pay off the Shot Clock operators and the Refs to fix the game?

  • Fred Oney

    This coaching job looked like Doc slippped back to his coaching style of last year. Why didn’t Leon play? Why did Sam play as much as he did when he wasn’t doing anything and Eddie House played less than 3 minutes?
    Doc is winning and being talked about only because they are winning. They are winning despite Doc! Coach Thibideau is the real coach of the year!

  • Doc did make some interesting decisions last night. They are not the same decisions he’s been making… which is why everyone shares in the blame. I hope he realizes that.

  • Tim (FD)

    That’s exactly what I was thinking during the second half of that game. I didn’t want to have to waste almost $200 to see game 5 of a series that will not ultimately be competitive. I’d much rather have that money pay for game 1 of the second round series. I don’t think the C’s threw the game, but it just adds to how much last night’s loss sucks.

  • William

    Frankly, and I’m not accusing the C’s/Hawks of this, each team has an incentive for the Hawks to win game three, because they (the Hawks) have no chance of winning the series:
    The C’s get another home game in the postseason, which brings in a lot more money, with minimal injury risk, or risk of losing the series.
    The Hawks get a postseason win in game three, increasing the crowd for game four, so a little bit more money (I know their arena was “sold out” last night, but it didn’t look “sold out,” and which Hawks fans bought merchandise before game three? after?) and more respect.
    Whereas if we won in game three there’s little incentive for the Hawks to deal for game four, because they won’t have another home game (although the “respect” would remain about the same). The C’s would still benefit from an extra home game, but then we get into them “not closing out teams” and a loss of respect that way (greater than losing game three).
    Again, I’m not accusing the C’s of this, and would personally have preferred a blowout win, but the same opportunity to throw game three exists in every series whose outcome is all but decided before tipoff.

  • Ajay


  • BaMaCeltic

    I was at the game, and let me tell you , it sucked….those damn fake Hawks fans were eating it up….they played a perfect game almost, the C’s seemed like they were kinda cruising and I thought they would turn it on any minute but then ATL would hit another big shot…Ray needs more shots, Powe should have got more minutes to match there energy….Josh Smith had a great game…..our rotations were bad….Joe and Josh had open shots to many times….im going to the game tonight too so I cant wait for the C’s to come out pissed and punch them in the mouth early so I can talk shit the rest of the night!! Oh and after they won Sat, u would have thought they just won the championship… was ridiculas……cant wait for tonight!!! GO CELTICS!!!