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No Fo’ Fo’ Fo’

RedsArmyAdmin April 27, 2008 Uncategorized 1 Comment on No Fo’ Fo’ Fo’

I'll be honest… this is a post just to get a good idea for a headline up on the site.  It comes from occasional contributor, but full-time wise-ass Rob Gill.  And if anyone knows what that's a reference to… then congratulations… you're an old fart like me, Chuck and Rob. 

It's a reference to the 1983 playoffs… where Moses Malones predicted a Philly 76'ers sweep in each series.  He was almost right, too… Philly lost one game in that playoff march to a title. 

That's all I got.  We crazy Greeks are celebrating Easter today… so I'm off to eat lamb, olives and feta cheese… drink ouzo to excess… and throw plates against a wall. 

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