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Paul Pierce / Mike Bibby Ad

Pardon the lack of quality.  I normally hate the 'record the video off the tv' YouTube clip… but I can't find a better one. 

Funny how Bibby was chosen for this.  "Respect from the fans?"

Screw you Mike.

((updated with good quality version))

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  • There can only be one…video of which only half makes me want to puke.

  • GowUp

    Where is your respect for the Hawks. This site is so hypocritical. You as a so called Celtic fan can whine and call names and say what you want but if a Hawks fan does it you whine like a baby.

  • roshelle

    yea it makes me wana half puke too…….cause pauls on there i give bibby alot a respect for doin this add cause i sure as hell wouldnt put my face up to pauls ugly ass face!!!Mike Bibby kicks ass!!!!