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Let’s End This Thing

There is no way in hell I think this series is going any more than 5 games… with tonight being the only possibility of a loss. 

Look… the Hawks are wildly over-matched, but they're young and talented.  Young players feed off emotion a lot more than veteran guys do.  And if they get going early… they could pull one of those 60% shooting nights out of their asses.

So the Celtics need to come out early, drop the Hawks into an early double digit hole… and get any C's fans in the house to start cheering.  Coming out hot early will make this another easy win tonight… and then we can sweep this thing and get some rest while everyone else dicks around.

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  • Jester00

    I’m drunk, it good, C’s by 17 you guys are FIRE KEEP it UP. I just locked Cavs tickets for the next round Go C’s

  • Ben-T

    Think about KG just going about his life until Monday. The Hawks may literally not be alive by the end of the next game.