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Hawks Fans are Smart

RedsArmyAdmin April 26, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Hawks Fans are Smart

As we await Game 3 in Atlanta, I'm reading there are still tickets available. Here's my breakdown of tonight's crowd: 80% Hawks fans, 15% Celtics fans and the rest of the seats will be empty. The AJC spoke with one dude who actually bought a ticket:

Salmond said a Hawks representative made a follow-up call to him to see if he would like to lock up refundable tickets to that same seat all the way through the NBA Finals. His reaction: "But they're playing Boston. I've got better uses for my money than that."

I understand the sales staff has to do their job, but this is just laughable. Through the Finals?

Bill Simmons writes a glowing article (or short novel – can someone please tell this guy his columns are way too long?) on Rajon Rondo's emergence. Dominique Wilkins continues to re-live one of his most painful memories – the 1988 playoff series with the Celtics.

“I was running down the floor late in the game,” the Hall of Fame forward said of this unforgettable Game 7 in the Eastern Conference semifinals. “So Kevin (Willis) reached over and pointed his finger at (Larry) Bird and said, ‘Don’t let this guy score anymore.’ "I looked back at him and said, ‘Do you know what you’re saying?’ ”

Great line, 'Nique. That game 7 and the duel with Chuck Person two years later were Larry's last great playoff moments. Damn, I loved that man. If KG does lead the Celtics to a championship, I will have to wrestle with my Top 5 Favorite Celtics List in the offseason. (Sounds like a potential column.)

Other remotely interesting links: Globe: Pierce is fine | Newsday: Thibodeau High on Knicks List | Herald: Allen, House Unhappy with Bench Time | Mavs Josh Howard Smokes Pot

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  • I’m not entirely thrilled about the TA and House piece in the Herald…. but I don’t expect them to say anything different. For once, Doc is doing the smart thing and shortening his rotations a bit in the playoffs.
    I hope House knows how huge he has been for the C’s this year. He’s been a key guy for us. I’m pretty sure he’s gone after this year… but I know he’s been a very important part of this team. I hope he knows fans recognize that.
    As for Josh Howard smoking pot… big deal. Is anyone surprised? But people will get crazy about it…. even though what Carmelo did is MUUUUCH worse

  • Levi

    Hahaha, “Don’t let this guy score.”
    That would have been like going to your bullpen (back in the day) and pointing at the Red Sox dugout and saying, “See that guy, Ted Williams, don’t let him get a hit.”