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TNT Execs: “Thank God For Boston”

At least… that's what I assume they are saying… since their ratings are way up.

Through its first nine games, including the Boston Celtics’ thrashing of the Atlanta Hawks and the Los Angeles Lakers’ beat-down of the Denver Nuggets Wednesday night, TNT averaged a 2.1 national rating, a 17% jump from the 1.8 mark it had recorded through the same stage last season, according to Nielsen Media Research data. Translating into cable coverage ratings, TNT rang up a 2.4 average for the nine contests, up 14% from a 2.1 in 2007. 

All told, the service scored an 18% increase in households to 2.31 million and 17% advance in viewers to 2.91 million from 2.48 million.

A demographic breakdown shows even more dramatic gains for the “drama” network. TNT netted a 26% rise among adults 18 to 34 and 18 to 49; a 25% uptick with adults 25 to 54; 31% amelioration with men 18 to 34; 30% growth with guys 18 to 49; and 28% against males 25 to 54.

Oh… someone got a thesaurus for Christmas.  This guy gets docked points for not ending on "amelioration."  Everyone knows the synonyms rank, in order: growth, rise, uptick THEN amelioration. 

Honestly… how deep do you have to dig to come up with that?  Was "jump" too pedestrian?  Take it down a notch.

Back to basketball… and lets just add to the Rondo legend.  And let's be clear… this is the beginning of a legend. 

it turns out there are reasons for Rondo’s detached cool. For one thing he watches film like Tom Brady. Unlike his NFL brethren, film-watching is mostly a player’s choice in the NBA, and it goes without saying that it is usually the province of the older generation who are wise enough to know that if they can find even the slightest edge, it will help keep them employed for a few more years. But Rondo goes even further.

“Rondo and Kevin [Garnett] would have to be the top two as far as watching on their own,” Doc said. “He already had a high basketball IQ. We were running through things, and he was calling out (Atlanta’s) plays. Kevin does it. Rondo does it.” Someone asked if that was unique, on account of Rondo’s young age. “It’s just unusual,” Doc replied. “It doesn’t have to be because of his age. It’s like preparing for a test. If you studied, you know the answers and you’re calm.”

Let's see… he's a great defensive player… he's lightning quick… and he's a pass-first guy.  He has already vastly improved his most glaring weakness… and he studies like such a madman, he can call out what the other team is doing as its unfolding. 

Gee… I wonder if this kid is gonna make it.

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  • Bill

    Rondo should play in the all-star game next year. I know it’s a popularity contest, but still. The kid’s nasty enough.