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Oh… Now We’re Screwed

How can the Celtics possibly beat Atlanta now after this call to arms?

From BostonSportz

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  • Shawn

    Wow this was an amazing show of talent, poor kids, only getting to root for awful Atlanta teams, only if they grew up around here. Also someone should tell them that there team has barley come within 20 points of the C’s yet.

  • Levi

    I emailed KG this morning. He’s talking to David Stern and seeing if it’s possible to just forfeit the last 5 games of the Series and automatically advance the Hawks to the next round. Danny Ainge also wants to interview for a possible internship with the Hawks.

  • Good call Levi… cuz really…. is there any coming back from a burn like that?

  • BigMck

    That was one minute of my life I will never have back. Fortunately, I needed the sleep.