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DeShawn Stevenson Will Go Broke

There was a recent report that 60% of NBA players go broke after they retire.  Since then, the NBA Player's Union has backtracked and said that number is way overblown… but still… that number is close to double digits. 

Let's see if you can pick out why I'm guessing DeShawn Stevenson will be among them:

deshawn stevenson

Keep acting like a douchebag DeShawn.  With a career scoring average of just under 9 ppg (5.4 in the playoffs), you're not exactly a max contract guy.

At least Deshawn is used to holding numbers up in front of his face for a picture.  We'll either be seeing that… or that card will be replaced with the pass-key to the local high school janitor's closet.

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  • jester00

    you all are on fire keep up the great post agree 100% got to go must hurt liver

  • Tim (FD)

    Is this a record for posts in a day?

  • He’s signed through the summer of 2011…

  • James Miller

    your loser blog…you make prob 40K a year with your dead-end job. Deshawn makes 3 mil a year. guess what, you’re the loser.

  • another tim.

    i’m going to guess you think he’s going to go broke because of the high interest rates that american express has.