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Nice Try

RedsArmyAdmin April 24, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Nice Try

The Hawks came out swinging tonight, but still got their asses kicked – 96-77. Josh Smith tried to set the tone early by nearly breaking Paul Pierce's back with a hard foul in the first quarter. Joe Johnson and Al Horford also played chippy all night. But in the end, the Celtics dominated this game on every front. Big-mouth Bibby was a non-factor yet again – 12 pts (2-7 FG) and 1 asst. The fans booed his ass everytime he touched the ball. When he sought refuge on the bench they cheered – "Where is Bibby?" But our favorite moment came late in the game when we heard the "Rondo's Better" chant. Yes…that means John will be insufferable for as long as I will know him.

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Other observations:

The defensive intensity I didn't see in Game 1 was back in full force. The Celtics forced 20 turnovers and had 15 steals and 3 blocks. And it seemed like everyone was diving on the floor for loose balls.

Ray Allen played some great D on Joe Johnson – 11 pts (4-9 FG).

Sam Cassell was very aggressive again. He scored 8 pts in the 2nd quarter. But his best moment came when he clobbered Josh Smith in the head without drawing a flagrant foul.

KG had another crazy moment similiar to when he unveiled the "Cobra." After a made shot, he hovered over the ball and placed both hands about an inch away as it rolled down the court. The Hawks did the smart thing and stayed away. It was bizarre.

You think the Hawks are kicking themselves for picking Marvin Williams over Chris Paul?

Bruce Willis attended the game with an attractive brunette. Not sure if it was his girlfriend or daughter.

Update: It's his girlfriend, Emma Hemming. Aren't you glad I cover the celebrity beat?

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  • C’mon Chuck… give me more credit than that….
    I’ve BEEN insufferable since you met me.