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More Bibby Smack

RedsArmyAdmin April 23, 2008 Uncategorized Comments Off on More Bibby Smack

Boy, is Mike Bibby stupid. In a pregame interview with Greg Dickerson, Bibby came out swinging at Kendrick Perkins. My memory is so awful, I can't remember a quote I heard 3 minutes ago. But I will paraphrase:

"Perkins had a worse game than me. Who is he to talk? All of a sudden he's some tough guy. Until he does something in this league, he shouldn't say anything."

I'm guessing Dickerson bolted into the Celtics locker room and said, "Perk, Perk, wait until you heard what Bibby said about you!"

UPDATE: The Globe's Gary Dzen has the comments and Perk's response.

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