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KG’s Commercial

RedsArmyAdmin April 22, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on KG’s Commercial

I love the way they use the stills and make them look 3 dimensional.  And yes, 'O Fortuna' might be a little on the cliche side when it comes to dramatic music… but you know what?  It still makes me want to fight someone.  In fact… that's why Massachusetts made playing that song in public illegal.  I was kicking so much ass… and so many women were falling for me… that they had to put a stop to it.  No… really… it's true.

Anyway… it's a cool commercial.  You hear that Gatorade?  Free stuff please!  Gimme gimme gimme! 

— update —

Video replaced with HD version courtesy of Laker Fan Ajay.  You know Ajay… for Laker fan… you sure do spend a lot of time contributing to a Celtics site. 

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  • Ajay

    seen this commercial i hate to admit cause it’s a celtic but it’s bad ass anywayz here is da HD version of da video

  • Ben-T

    Best thing about this ad is the shot of the banners.

  • nice commercial..

  • Absolutely Ben…. especially the way they make it look like he’s staring up at them… wondering “how are they going to rearrange all those things when we put a new one up?”
    How about Rajon Rondo’s cameo in there?? How soon before a Rondo Gatorade ad comes out… maybe with that fake-pass/layup move of his that broke Nash’s ankles?